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Athens is a small college town of about 8,000 people, stuck in the mountains of Massachusetts, a stone’s throw from the mountains of New York. The college and its environs were created whole cloth by a society of female Changelings, who wanted to create a women’s college dedicated to the sciences and arts. It is a massive draw for new Changelings coming from the hedge, as a major road leads near to it. As such, it is under massive scrutiny from the True Fae, who continuously circle it, looking for ways in. Magic worked by the original founders of the town have strengthened the bond between the hedge and the real world, keeping them from simply descending, but vigilance is always called for. The Summer Court have constant patrols, and excursions into the hedge to rescue lost escapees. The original founders had also worked a massive spell to give all Changelings within the town incredible luck and prosperity, but due to the actions of a small motley of escaped circus performers, this spell was broken, and a massive magical floodgate opened up, bathing the town in energy. The repercussions of this left a permanent mark on the town, its politics, and the fate of all who live within it.

The lake used to have a statue of a woman standing in the center of it, arms outstretched as if to welcome everyone to her lake. The rumours are that the statue, the college, and the town sprung up over night. The area around the town is filled with farms; mostly wineries and orchards. Every year there is an influx of tourists for the art fair, and there are always people who come for the foliage and wine tasting.

The curtain comes up on Athens three years later, and another small motley of go-getters comes into Fate’s spotlight. What will they do, and what will they change?

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