Mother keeps a house where the children fae live until they turn of age and can pick a court. She is aggressively courtless, and does not trust the court system or think that it adds much to the society, or that it protects them from the fae.

She is short, with olive skin and dark curly hair. She is usually pregnant, culminating in the full moon, when she gives birth, but no one ever sees the baby. Many presume that she eats it, or that it just disappears.

Emmanuel: Short boy with horns and a tail, plays the flute. Seems suspicious of outsiders.

Zoe: insect girl who seems vaguely spider-like, with features of other bugs.

Iris: Tall, willowy teenager. Hair strewn with petals, smells aggressively like flowers, especially when she’s trying to cover up the scent of weed.

Hamish: Tall, very angry, very scottish boy covered head to toe in hair.

Sasha: Beautiful swan like girl, with feathery hair, and a long neck.


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