Tag: summer court


  • Moose

    Moose is a huge woman, with huge curves. She looks like a neanderthal, a huge, towering neanderthal woman. She isn't the smartest woman in the world, but she has a great instinct for people, and knows how to have a lot of fun. She met, and fell in love …

  • King George

    George is a little under 4 feet tall, with green hair cut into a semi military cut, and dusky skin. His eyes are a deep black, and he has too many, very sharp, teeth. His face and arms are deeply deeply scarred. He has an overabundance of muscles, and …

  • Caleb

    Description Caleb has long, luxuriously soft looking black and red hair. His eyes are black, and his skin is blue. He has four arms, and very large tusks from his mouth. He is muscular in a sleek, compact way. He dresses in loose white cotton pants, and …

  • Wagner

    Wagner is an upright silverback Gorilla. He has a temper problem, and hates clothing, which he never wears when he's not in public. He is a loyal follower of [[King George]], and is in the same squad as [[Moose]]. He prefers to be in this squad, as it is …

  • Thomas the Green

    Archer, looks like Errol Flynn doing Robin Hood, speaks in an antiquated fashion and is very rarely seen outside of hollows or the hedge. Very misogynistic by modern standards.

  • Christine

    Buff gym teacher sort with blonde hair in a ponytail. She's a knife fighter and dresses in armor made of street signs and license plates. She is skilled at navigating the hedge and helped the motley find [[Jared]] and [[Bertie]].