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  • Nora Sullivan

    Nora Sullivan and her brother, [[Flynn Sullivan | Flynn Sullivan]] are fraternal twins. Nora is a fuzzy, white cat-girl. She tries really hard to change her image, but the fact is, she's adorably cute. The fact that she is a little clueless, sort of …

  • Emily Jorgenson

    Made of art, her features seem to shift due to her moods; sometimes she seems like she is a painting, sometimes a statue, etc. introvertedly extroverted, she keeps her door open and accepts people who accepts this implicit invitation.

  • Verdant

    A nightclub which acts as the home base for the Spring Court, with a hollow "private room" in the back. It is owned by [[:queen-lila | Lila]] but she has someone else manage it. The patrons are generally young college students.

  • Isaac

    A dealer who hangs out at [[Silas's Pick 'N Pull Junkyard | Silas's Pick 'N Pull Junkyard]] and hosts hedge-grown pot parties. He gets his weed from [[Leonard]] and his partners.

  • Queen Lila

    She looks like a Greek goddess from a statue, and although she had lately been wearing a tunic and "stola":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stola to match that, she has now taken to wearing clothing from the 20s, and has modified her crown to go with it, …

  • Pierre LeBlanc

    _“Some would say I’m a carnal slave I put my hands on what I crave”_ Pierre is a short, stout man. He has long, silky grey hair that he has pulled into a loose ponytail, and a neatly trimmed goatee. Huge, black rams horns curl up and back out of his …

  • Queen Lila

    Lila took over quite recently, during yet another Spring Court upheaval, and has since managed to tame the court down to a friendly simmer, through parties, gifts, and a level of tolerance quite unheard of to date within the court itself. Her right …

  • Pierre LeBlanc

    Pierre came to Athens a few months ago, and quickly became an integral part of the place and the Spring Court in specific. There is little information on who he was prior or where he came from, except that it was through mundane means, not from the hedge. …