Tag: changelings


  • Moose

    Moose is a huge woman, with huge curves. She looks like a neanderthal, a huge, towering neanderthal woman. She isn't the smartest woman in the world, but she has a great instinct for people, and knows how to have a lot of fun. She met, and fell in love …

  • King Abacus

    Description: Abacus is short, thin, and immaculate. He is dressed in an unassuming suit that is always clean and pressed, and without wrinkle. He wears, in lieu of a tie, a hedgespun chain with several wooden beads of different colours around his neck. …

  • Alexandros

    Appearance: Alexandros is lean and lightly muscled with low slung hips and expressive hands. His hair is thick, black and curly, perpetually falling into equally black eyes. In the center of each hand is a colorful lotus flower. His voice is a low …

  • Mike

    Mike is a rooster. Brown and white feathery hair, cockscomb on the top of his head (which has been pierced several times), and a sort of beaky nose (also pierced, with a little acorn stud in it). He is lecherous, friendly, and a genius with computers and …

  • Ichabod Young

    Skinny guy with white hair in an unnamed store, with sigils on the wall, guns and swords everyplace. Sometimes deals in cash, sometimes deals with favors. Definitely the guy to go to get what you need.

  • Caleb

    Description Caleb has long, luxuriously soft looking black and red hair. His eyes are black, and his skin is blue. He has four arms, and very large tusks from his mouth. He is muscular in a sleek, compact way. He dresses in loose white cotton pants, and …

  • Wagner

    Wagner is an upright silverback Gorilla. He has a temper problem, and hates clothing, which he never wears when he's not in public. He is a loyal follower of [[King George]], and is in the same squad as [[Moose]]. He prefers to be in this squad, as it is …

  • Sands

    Walking corpse, with a mouth sewn together. He cannot talk, except by the means of sign language, or perhaps writing on a notepad, which he finds tedious. He wears a black suit like an undertaker, and carries a black medicine bag with him. He is an …

  • Nora Sullivan

    Nora Sullivan and her brother, [[Flynn Sullivan | Flynn Sullivan]] are fraternal twins. Nora is a fuzzy, white cat-girl. She tries really hard to change her image, but the fact is, she's adorably cute. The fact that she is a little clueless, sort of …

  • Emily Jorgenson

    Made of art, her features seem to shift due to her moods; sometimes she seems like she is a painting, sometimes a statue, etc. introvertedly extroverted, she keeps her door open and accepts people who accepts this implicit invitation.

  • Jared

    A slaver who works in the Hedge with [[Bertie]]. Asshole in leather pants. Hates [[:john-noir | John Noir]] with a rare passion and dislikes [[:jack-o-dreams | Jack O' Dreams]] for how friendly he is with Bertie. Captured the three of them when they …

  • Bertie

    Ogrish woman who is attached to [[Jared]], but has more heart, despite being a slaver. Friendly with [[:jack-o-dreams | Jack O' Dreams]].

  • Thomas the Green

    Archer, looks like Errol Flynn doing Robin Hood, speaks in an antiquated fashion and is very rarely seen outside of hollows or the hedge. Very misogynistic by modern standards.

  • Frank

    Huge, obese guy in a sumo diaper who lives in a lean-to in the [[Silas's Pick 'N Pull Junkyard | junkyard]] and can eat anything. He's a convenient way to get rid of things that need to disappear.

  • Christine

    Buff gym teacher sort with blonde hair in a ponytail. She's a knife fighter and dresses in armor made of street signs and license plates. She is skilled at navigating the hedge and helped the motley find [[Jared]] and [[Bertie]].

  • Isaac

    A dealer who hangs out at [[Silas's Pick 'N Pull Junkyard | Silas's Pick 'N Pull Junkyard]] and hosts hedge-grown pot parties. He gets his weed from [[Leonard]] and his partners.

  • Queen Lila

    She looks like a Greek goddess from a statue, and although she had lately been wearing a tunic and "stola":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stola to match that, she has now taken to wearing clothing from the 20s, and has modified her crown to go with it, …

  • Pierre LeBlanc

    _“Some would say I’m a carnal slave I put my hands on what I crave”_ Pierre is a short, stout man. He has long, silky grey hair that he has pulled into a loose ponytail, and a neatly trimmed goatee. Huge, black rams horns curl up and back out of his …

  • Nuriya

    A powerful and at least partially insane changeling who spent several years trapped in a mirror realm by the [[Cyndi Beechum | daughter]] of her fetch. She has a raging hatred of [[:john-noir | John Noir]] and a deep need to obey the orders of [[King …

  • Jenny

    A body artist with elongated limbs and a Skeksi head. She was purchased by [[:jack-o-dreams | Jack]] from [[Nicholas]]. She did [[:john-noir | John]]'s angel wings tattoo.

  • Ziegler

    A 12" tall man with the mind of a pet and skill as a sculptor. [[:jack-o-dreams | Jack]] purchased him from [[Nicholas]]. He's currently living with [[Sorrow]].

  • Queen Lila

    Lila took over quite recently, during yet another Spring Court upheaval, and has since managed to tame the court down to a friendly simmer, through parties, gifts, and a level of tolerance quite unheard of to date within the court itself. Her right …

  • Jake the Snake

    Jacob will readily admit, if he is asked, to having been in the FBI for a long time before his abduction, and to having been in the marines prior to that. He enjoys black and white movies, jazz music, and no one knows where he lives. He's been seen only …

  • Pierre LeBlanc

    Pierre came to Athens a few months ago, and quickly became an integral part of the place and the Spring Court in specific. There is little information on who he was prior or where he came from, except that it was through mundane means, not from the hedge. …