The Christmas Market

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 (Christmas Eve)

The Market is at Target and opens at midnight. The big tree in the center is decorated like a Christmas Tree and Clive is dressed as Santa. Jack has Jake carrying a crate full of souls from the Autumn Court safe and an offer of a commission from Emily. He shops for a key for Alexandros’ manacles. John insults a shopkeeper by intimating that his wares are cursed. The motley goes to the bar, where Jack buys a round of drinks. Jamie and Jake get Green (merriment), Jack gets Candy Cane (peace and joy), and John refuses a drink but is given White (peace) anyway. Clive refers them to Carmello.

Jack is directed to the seasonal department when he asks after the slaver Nicholas. They find the slaves dressed up for the holiday. They find him talking to an obese guy in leather pants, a mesh shirt, Guido chains, and slicked back hair named Vinny. Jack chats with Bertie until he is free. Nicholas is utterly unremarkable but remembers Saul: school uniform, ring, freakishly strong, fear of physical contact with women. He says he was purchased by Eugene Buckner, who he describes as looking like a clerk with blonde hair, beard, and mustache and an expensive suit. He says Eugene lives in the world. Whenever Nicholas thinks, there is a clicking sound. Previously, Eugene had purchased a set of gladiators as bodyguards. He also notes that the Drake has been making his business dangerous but profitable as it ravages the countryside looking for something.

Jack asks after artists and Nicholas shows him a 12" tall man named Ziegler he claims is a sculptor and a woman with elongated limbs and a Skeksi head named Jenny who is a body artist. Jack trades the commission for them. Nicholas provides a memory in a jar for her to paint. John looks over magical gear shifts but refuses to buy anything and Jamie acquires a familiar. They remove the slaves’ manacles and John puts his coat on Jenny as they return to the motel. Moose meets them in the diner with clothes for the new arrivals, grabs the little man and cuddles him. Jenny eating is very disturbing to watch and Ziegler appears to have the intelligence of a house pet. Jack has Sorrow see to getting them settled.


AutumnBerg EricBerg

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