Crazy Old Bitches

Thursday, December 26, 2013 (continued)

There are big, white feathers on the ground in front of the gate of Alice’s house. Jack breaks a ghost ward and Jamie notes that the defensive wards have been broken, some delicately and some with brute force. As they enter the house, they hear Rebecca arguing with herself and Alice. They find them in the back room. Rebecca is manhandling Gabriel with one hand and holding a painting in the other.

John tries to hit he with the stun gun but gets the angel instead. Jack grabs Rebecca and kisses her, using magic to help her fight Celeste. Once John moves Gabriel to a couch, he grabs the painting from her and holds it by the fire, demanding that Alice tell him what it is but she’s a pain in the ass, as usual, even with Jake pointing a gun at her head. John notes that a woman appears in the painting and moves towards him whenever he looks away. Rebecca is finally able to take control and says that the painting is a door and an ancestor is trapped in it who can help her.

Jamie opens the door and Jeanelle Grey steps out, furious with Celeste. She takes Jamie to assist her and they take Rebecca to Alice’s ritual room, where they remove Celeste from her and put her into a soul jar provided by Jack (which destroys her personality). Jeanelle explains that Alice and Celeste both conspired to trap her. Alice didn’t approve of her friendship with Elliott and Celeste was her protege and heir apparent. John kenns and Alice, Jeanelle, and Rebecca are all witches and fey-touched (Jeanelle more so than the rest). After some discussion, it is agreed that putting Alice in the painting is the best way to deal with her. Sands is sent for gives her a potion to knock her out.

They search the house for things to confiscate. John tears up the pentagram in the ritual room, Jamie gathers up her notes from torturing Alexandros and her lapfop, and George gathers the iron weapons and torture implements. Jack takes the soul jar to put in the Autumn Court safe. John also visits Elliott’s room and fathers his journals, sketchbooks, and the keys to his car. John takes Jeanelle, Rebecca, and Jamie in Elliott’s car and the rest go in Mike’s van, meeting back at the motel. Jake deposits Rebecca in Jack’s room and Jamie offers to put up Jeanelle.

A traditional feast is waiting for them in the diner.

Disrupting the Ritual

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jack puts Claire’s head in his hollow until the rest of the body is recovered (in a cake box, in the fridge). He fills the others in on what he learned from Dr. Resnik. John tells Mike and Wood that the church is correct and to use that to find the others. He also checks in with Moose to see how Strauss is doing, but she hasn’t seen him. She agrees he sounds funny and will find him. Jack says that they need to hit the church that night and sends John to recruit George, whom he also asks for a police-issue stun gun (he can get it in a few hours).

Mike and Wood are able to identify three of the other four churches and have two contenders for the final one (where a church was demolished and rebuilt nearby). In the center of the pentagram is Alice’s house. They decide to have teams hit all of the churches at once and have George bring in the Summer Court and co-ordinate it. He arrives a few hours later with kevlar for everyone. They swear an oath to disrupt the ritual and load into Mike’s van and go to the first church. George and John take the right, Jack and Jake go left, and Jamie heads straight in to deal with the guard. Jamie plays lost and helpless and is able to lure the guard in close and scratch him with her claws. He freaks out, drops his gun and runs.

John hits one guard with his stun gun through a gap in the wall. Jake bursts in the back door and rushes the other, joined by George, who bursts through the stained glass window. Jack talks to the ritualist, whom he and John both realize is a materialized spirit. John pries at the pentagram etched into the floor with his crowbar. The other guard shoots Jack and tries to back out of the church, but George lays him out with a single punch on Jack’s order. The ghost de-materializes and possesses Jake to kneel before Jack, but steps out when Jack assures him he can hear him anyway. The ghost, Father Joseph, says that Rebecca/Celeste is using their trapped souls to power the ritual. He tried to warn Selena but was captured and forced to take part. He says the ritual diminished him.

John handcuffs the stunned guard and tries to tend to the other, with George stepping in to help when John convinces him they can’t just stand there and watch him die. While they are working on him, John gets a call from a hysterical Wood, telling him that Mike accidentally ran over someone (the guard that ran from Jamie). He gives the phone to Jack, who tells Mike to back over him a few more times to make sure he’s dead. Jack sends the ghost to the next church on the list and says they need to go to Alice’s house to confront Celeste. On the way back to the van, John calls 911 for the two incapacitated guards. He tells Mike to feed his tires and bumper to Frank and get an underbody car wash. Mike breaks his phone and directs him to a box of replacements in the back of his van. He’s surprisingly okay after having run a guy over but Wood is still freaking out.

Return of Celeste

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 (Christmas Day)

Alexandros and Sands are set up in the spare room and a call goes out for goblin fruit. John gets drunk on egg-nog and drunk-texts a picture of his dick to Connie(?). He is woken by a phone call from Jack at 5pm on the floor of Sorrow’s room in his underwear with a gorgeous drawing of angel wings on his back. He cleans up and goes to the diner, where he is given a picnic basket, a box of coffee, and a note: “Make sure he checks the list”.

When John gets to Jack’s room, he is on the phone with Rebecca, who is in Claire’s room and says she sent him a present. He’ll get it (and see Claire) soon. They rush there without Jamie (who is already at the storage unit) and find Pamela barricaded into a closet and Claire’s room awash with blood. John walks on top of the blood without disturbing it and finds an envelope addressed to Jack behind a Constantine poster. It contains a sheet of paper with a pentagram over a map of Athens with one point marked “church” and the note: “This is mostly finished, you have to destroy all of it to make it stop.” A ghost (one of many present) warn them that police are coming. The ghost meets them at the car, where it possesses Jake and tells them that the wards kept them out but they forced their way in. Rebecca asked Claire how much she knew of their plans and what other seers there were. She told them to fuck themselves. They left with her body.

They go to the storage unit where a gate to the market has been opened using the door of another unit. Jamie is overseeing transactions along with Harvey. The motley agrees that Celeste is definitely in Rebecca and that killing her won’t fix anything. John suggests some sort of indefinite stasis (carbonite) while Jack wonders if her soul could be trapped in one of the soul jars. Traveler and Mike are summoned but aren’t able to make much of the map. John suggests checking abandoned churches. Mike finds a condemned one and John wants to check it out alone. Jack insists Jamie and George be nearby. He and Jake return to the market to look for Dr. Resnik, the creator of the soul jars.

John becomes immaterial and heads to the church. He finds a well-concealed guard with an iron necklace and an iron horseshoe newly affixed above the door of the church. He is still able to enter but it is filled with evil magic. There is a person kneeling where the altar would be, chanting in Latin, with a bowl of blood in front of him. He looks tired. There is something else but he can’t put his finger on it. He is able to get in and out without being spotted. They return to the Sweetwater to wait for Jack. On his return, there is a wrapped present waiting with Claire’s head in it, delivered by private courier.

Free At Last

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 (Christmas Eve) (continued)

John is woken up by a call from someone who hits buttons and then hangs up. He calls back and gets the hospital. He asks to be connected to Alex Henricksen’s room and a perky woman answers, chides him, and hangs up. He calls back again but nobody answers and he falls back asleep waiting for a pick-up. He wakes up at nightfall with his phone stuck to his face and heads to the diner. Jack tries the hospital but they won’t say if Alexandros is still there, so he calls Strauss who says the cops say he’s still in his room. The Fates provide a bag to take to him and meaningfully tap the candy cane taped to it. Jack ponders Santa while John references Narnia.

Strauss is waiting for them at the hospital with ids that will give us access to the room and walks us up. Alexandros is there and in a foul mood. He indicates he called John, who is apologetic about falling asleep. He throws the candy cane on the bag across the room and writes “Perky girls in candy cane dresses. Rebecca. Wanted a deal. Wants me to open a door for her. She was cagey, said it was a weird door.” He told her to fuck herself because she wouldn’t tell him where the door went. She indicated she could get the manacles off just by touching them. He indicates that the storage unit key opens a box, he takes it and makes a rubbing which reveals a series of numbers and letters. He swore an oath to not say another word until someone gets the manacles off.

He shoos us out and we head to the storage unit. It is too big on the inside and has weird old bulb faerie lights. A big glow in the back is from a small office made of boxes with a mummified body on the rug. His wallet identifies him as Paul Wharmby, an estate lawyer, and the box is under him. His credit cards and license are up to date. Jack thinks he was mummified pre-mortem. Jamie puts the numbers into the puzzle box and a hologram of Abacus appears, full-sized and opaque. It seems surprised to see Jamie and it doesn’t acknowledge the others until she touches them. He tells them he is a catalog of things in the storage unit and his memories are up to date until two weeks ago. Many of the items are promised to people at market, including Carmello, who gets a big ass anvil and hammer. Jamie has him make a list so they can deliver them tomorrow, the last day of the market.

John phases through the door and brings the car around to move the body. Harvey says Abacus fed bodies to Frank. Noting the weather is getting vile, Jack retrieves a pimpin’ fur coat. They roll up the lawyer in the rug and take it to Frank, who eats it merrily. They hit Target before midnight. Jack buys candy and a bunch of random crap. John buys duct tape, garbage bags, plastic tarps, and a battery-power vacuum. He tells the cashier, “Bitch had it coming.”

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 (Christmas Day)

The motley goes back to the market and heads to the bar to put out word that they are looking for Carmello and have Abacus’ trade goods which we are looking to get to their buyers. Jamie goes window shopping periodically and John accompanies her to cock-block ill-advised purchases. A huge guy with impressive eyebrows shows up and introduces himself as Carmello. He agrees to try and remove the manacles if he can keep them.

Outside, there is now a full-fledged blizzard. Carmello turns out to have a horse rig that cloaks as a taco truck. Jack calls Strauss to ask him to bring Alexandros to the storage unit. Jamie tells Harvey to give Carmello his anvil and hammer. He chucks his old anvil out the back of his truck. Jack tries to get everyone to play Magic while they wait. Carmello cracks out hit chocolate. Strauss shows up in a squad car with Alexandros and the truck is diminished when he enters it. Carmello stares at them for a long while, then tests his tools against them. He says he needs to heat them and Alexandros warns he may kill someone.

Jack summons Sands to put him out and they play Magic while they wait. Jack puts a Santa hat on Sands when he arrives and he drugs Alexandros to Carmello can get to work. It takes hours to get one of the manacles off and a lot of skin comes with it. The second one takes longer but with less damage. When it is over, Carmello leaves his truck (and its four flat tires) to accompany them back to the motel. Strauss takes Sands and the unconscious Alexandros and everyone else goes with John. Jack blesses Strauss, which is the only thing which prevents him from crashing in the drive back. On arrival, they find that Sorrow has a massive Christmas party going.

The Christmas Market

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 (Christmas Eve)

The Market is at Target and opens at midnight. The big tree in the center is decorated like a Christmas Tree and Clive is dressed as Santa. Jack has Jake carrying a crate full of souls from the Autumn Court safe and an offer of a commission from Emily. He shops for a key for Alexandros’ manacles. John insults a shopkeeper by intimating that his wares are cursed. The motley goes to the bar, where Jack buys a round of drinks. Jamie and Jake get Green (merriment), Jack gets Candy Cane (peace and joy), and John refuses a drink but is given White (peace) anyway. Clive refers them to Carmello.

Jack is directed to the seasonal department when he asks after the slaver Nicholas. They find the slaves dressed up for the holiday. They find him talking to an obese guy in leather pants, a mesh shirt, Guido chains, and slicked back hair named Vinny. Jack chats with Bertie until he is free. Nicholas is utterly unremarkable but remembers Saul: school uniform, ring, freakishly strong, fear of physical contact with women. He says he was purchased by Eugene Buckner, who he describes as looking like a clerk with blonde hair, beard, and mustache and an expensive suit. He says Eugene lives in the world. Whenever Nicholas thinks, there is a clicking sound. Previously, Eugene had purchased a set of gladiators as bodyguards. He also notes that the Drake has been making his business dangerous but profitable as it ravages the countryside looking for something.

Jack asks after artists and Nicholas shows him a 12" tall man named Ziegler he claims is a sculptor and a woman with elongated limbs and a Skeksi head named Jenny who is a body artist. Jack trades the commission for them. Nicholas provides a memory in a jar for her to paint. John looks over magical gear shifts but refuses to buy anything and Jamie acquires a familiar. They remove the slaves’ manacles and John puts his coat on Jenny as they return to the motel. Moose meets them in the diner with clothes for the new arrivals, grabs the little man and cuddles him. Jenny eating is very disturbing to watch and Ziegler appears to have the intelligence of a house pet. Jack has Sorrow see to getting them settled.

Coronation of the Ice Queen

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The motley meets up at the hospital where they go over with Strauss the options to get Alice to remove the shackles from Alexandros. John suggests threatening to tell the Greys that the knives are destroyed. Strauss goes to try that and has a Looney Tunes accident on his return, saying that she is being difficult. Jack puts a Fair Fortune on Strauss to counteract the hex, then calls Rebecca Grey and arranges to meet her at the elementary school playground in an hour. The meetup happens at 3am. Rebecca wants the manacles back and a painting from the Brown house. Jack refuses and she leaves without further negotiation. The motley goes home to sleep.

When they wake, it is snowing. John texts Tyler that Alexandros is in the hospital and he replies that he knows. The motley heads to the junkyard so Jack can talk to Frank, who refuses to admit Jamie to his “home” (an open faced shack) and says that Serena has visited him the last two days and he wants her to stop. He swears to Autumn and Jack assures him she’ll stop coming. John gives him his Autumn pin.

As they leave, Jack asks Jake about other Autumn courtiers. He tells him about two bee-keepers outside of town named Lloyd and Graham. They go to Wood, who recalls there being a roster. He says that a band playing at the winter festival contains members of the court: violinist Evelyn La Rose, cellist Hortensia and pianist Jacob McQueen. Jack ponders a title for Wood and Jamie suggests “scribe”. Wood says he wants to test a theory he has about the cross of Sister Mary Fautina (Jamie’s fetch). They confirm that it is, indeed, a cuckoo egg, which will let whomever wears it pass more easy as the nun.

The motley heads to campus, where the festival is starting. There is an ice maze with an ice throne at the center, a table hockey table made of ice, two snow forts for snowball fights, and an ice castle lit from within by candles, which is marked “No Admittance”. At dusk, Jack is fetched by Grumpy McSwordhand to go talk to the monarchs about how things with proceed. Jake follows. The Summer Court starts subtly directing non-changelings elsewhere and cordoning off the area. The trio starts playing classical music and beer is served.

A twitchy rabbit woman begins ushering people into the ice castle. Once everyone is seated, the monarchs process: Jack and Serena (followed by their knights), then George and Lyla with Moose and Pierre behind. The winter crown is made of pine, white roses, ice, and berries. A coronation party follows but Pierre invites folks to the warmer Verdant.

Sunday, December 22 and Monday, December 23, 2013

Jamie checks out the storage unit Abacus left her and finds it filled with magical things. Jack talks to Claire, who hasn’t joined Winter yet. John tries too hard to be seasonal with Connie, who tells him to go away, so he goes skiing with Peter.

Story of the Elioud

Friday, December 20, 2013 (continued)

The motley leaves Serena’s and goes to see Pierre LeBlanc. Jack and he talk hats and John is distracted by his fuzzy naked ladies. The Spring King agrees to take Amee to get a look at Alice and see if she can determine what the old lady wants (other than the knives) under the auspice of working out a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, Jamie speaks with Elliott, who says he can’t tell her why she should stay away from Alice. Jack asks instead and Elliott tells him that she would exploit their relationship. Jamie swears to Jack and they go to lunch at the diner.

Jack swears Sorrow to the court after promising not to give Mike a hard time when he comes around. John hangs out with Sorrow and then goes home to have sex with Connie to recharge his batteries. Later that night, they all meet back at the Verdant hollow with Pierre and Amee (an Indian woman in traditional garb). They say that Alice has agreed to stop experimenting on Alexandros but won’t let him go until she gets the knives. Amee was able to discern that they are needed to renew some ritual and that her power was waning because it hadn’t been done. She also says it was very difficult to use her powers on the old lady.

Jack sents Jamie to work on the wards with Serena while he and John meet with Strauss at the diner. They fill him in on everything and discuss theories about Elliott. Strauss goes to call him but he asks to speak with Jack. He answers all of Jack’s questions, confirming Alexandros is being held in the basement of Alice’s house on her orders and agrees to come meet Jack at 11pm or 1am, but that midnight is not possible. He says that the Browns would not fire on clearly identified cops unless Alice was threatened and thinks she could be taken with violence, if it was done gently. John texts Jamie that she has two hours to work out the wards.

Elliott shows up at the diner at 11pm. John asks him if he killed anyone the previous night and he says that, if he did, it was in defense of his friends and family. Elliott puts way too much sugar in his coffee and Jack asks him what he is. He replies that Elliott is not his name, that he was renamed by Alice who pronounced his name wrong when she was young. He says that she inherited him from her parents. He also says that he can choose to ignore a direct question for the first time in centuries. The knives were created when he was summoned and if they were destroyed, he would regain that corrupted piece of his soul. Jack gives him the knives, ordering Jake to restrain him (which he has to). Elliott asks for John’s phone, then breaks the knives, exploding in light and electricity. The phone is on the wikipedia page for “Elioud”.

Meanwhile, Strauss and the cops raid Alice’s home, guided by Jamie and Serena’s work to avoid the wards. She is taken into custody and Alexandros retrieved. Strauss calls Jack and says that when they were carting Alice to an ambulance, that she started yelling in weird Hebrew.

Hail to the King

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jamie is woken by an odd call from Madame Serena and then discovers that she is covered dried blood and locked in a convent cell with no memory of what happened the night before. John is on the floor of Jack’s room. His gun is on him and has been fired recently. His clothes are covered in blood. Jack and Jake are in the bed. Jake has a stab wound. Checking text messages and voice mail, they determine that Elliott wanted a meeting and Abacus told them to attend. Jake is difficult to keep conscious, but Jack keeps poking his wound until he is able to relate that Abacus is dead and says it wasn’t Alice (directly) or Elliott who killed him.

Traveler shows up with a newspaper reporting an explosion at the ice cream parlor with Abacus and several nuns listed among the dead. It relates that a van full of armed men pulled up, there was a fight inside involving gunfire, followed by the explosion. In addition, the slashed remains of an unidentified woman was found behind the building. Jack determines that Abacus planned to kill Alice over her treatment of Alexandros and Elliott texts Jamie telling her to stay away from Alice for now.

Jack calls Serena, who says that the last time she saw Jamie was when she came to ask about the difficulty opening doors to the Hedge. She was told that Alexandros’ brother said he was being experimented on and there was to be a rescue. She seems unconcerned with Abacus’ death. Jamie finally shows up, having escaped the convent. Jack calls Tyler, who tells him that Jamie was contacted about a meet-up at the ice cream place. For some reason, she was behind the building when the van showed up with Alexandros and a bunch of armed guys. Strange magic was thrown around. John was shooting people, Jack stabbed Jake when he got between him and Elliott (who was fighting Abacus). A bright light came from Elliott and Tyler took off, but couldn’t get Alexandros out of the van. Jamie was absent for the whole thing.

Jamie sends a message to Sands (getting the number from Moose) when she realizes that Jake is bleeding out and the motley heads to Abacus’ house. The car has blood on the seats and Jake’s coat. The house is unlocked and looks to have been trashed by someone angry (rather than searched). They find his sex torture dungeon and a list of names paired with objects, none of which are familiar. Jack retrieves Abacus’ will, Book of Shadows, and ring from the safe. There is a note for Jack in the back of the book with the combination to the safe in the Autumn Court hollow and instructions to retrieve the crown.

They drive to the cemetery, reading the will on the way. It leaves most of Abacus’ estate to Alexandros except for the contents of an address for Jamie. If Alexandros is dead, half of his estate goes to Jack and the rest towards establishing a scholarship fund. Claire, Mike, Traveler, and Emile (whom they’d never met) are at the hollow when they arrive. Emile refuses to yield to Jack, to he challenges him to a duel. John cuts in to sucker punch him and he gets huge and hits him back. Jack talks him down (with magical assistance) and he steps aside, letting Jack take the crown and put it on his head.

John steps outside to check his messages and runs into George, who wants to know what happened (Serena told him to ask Jamie). John goes in to get her and finds Jack trying to convince Wood to swear fealty to him while Jamie tries to talk Jack out of it. She storms out to talk to George but is sent back in to get Jack when told he’s taken the crown. Claire hands in her pin and says she’s pledging to winter while Mike ponders joining the summer court. Wood finally agrees and swears to Jack, followed by Emile. When Jack emerges, George says, “Balls,” and congratulates him. They give George the rundown of what they know and he leaves.

On the drive back to the motel, John gets an email from Elliott with pictures and documents. Jack postulates that Jake is actually dying from a broken Knight’s Oath and that he may be able to save him by getting him to swear a new one to him. On arrival, John goes to look at what Elliott sent him, Jamie grabs food from the diner, and Jack goes to take Jake’s knight oath. The email has pictures of wards, drawings of wards, and documents explaining them. It is way over John’s head so he turns them over to Jamie when they meet up back at Jack’s room. Over lunch, they decide to go see Madame Serena.

At the Winter Queen’s house, they are greeted by a strange woman with a sword for a hand. Serena tells Jack that there is a celebration on campus where he will crown her and then he’ll have a year to work things out. Jamie shows her the wards, which she agrees to help decipher in exchange for an unspecified favor from Jack. She plucks out her spare eye, grinds it up, and drinks it in tea and gives them the following details about the previous night:

  • Tyler told Abacus that Alexandros was being experimented on by Alice to gauge the limits of our endurance with magic and iron.
  • Abacus lost his shit and called the motley.
  • Elliott called Jamie and said he wanted to talk about it.
  • Abacus promised to trade the knives for Alexandros.
  • Jack and John showed up and Jamie left.
  • Elliott came in good faith but other Browns sent by Alice did not and a fight breaks out.
  • Abacus attacked Elliott, breaking his oath.
  • Jake saved Jack’s life.
  • John was gravely wounded.

At this point, things get fuzzy for Serena. She speaks of a “fractured soul” and treachery. She says that Elliott’s soul looked fractured when he arrived but was briefly whole, then fractured again and Abacus died. They are able to piece together that he was whole when Jack stabbed him with the knives but that it wasn’t related to the explosion, which was a spell put on him and fueled by the souls of those nearby. The memory loss was due to another spell. After the explosion, Elliott healed Jack and John and Jake dragged them to the car and drove them home.


November 13 – December 19, 2013

The Stepfords riot, killing and eating people, and then disappear. Footage sees them talking to a shadowy figure and then walking through walls. Only infants remain. Strauss is furious with the motley, John in particular. Moose assures them she understands and loves them. John’s relationship with Claire gets more serious, he goes back to freelancing with Jim Bolt, and spends more time with Peter. Jamie continues her lessons with Alice, visits Alexandros, and makes a friend in the Spring Court called Calpernia May. Jack becomes attached at the hip to Abacus, has a gallery opening for Emily, and gets chummy with Pierre LaBlanc.

When the Beechum house comes up for sale, the motley goes to take a look at it. Jack senses something odd still about the mirrors and offers to buy them from the real estate agent, which she readily accepts. They move them to a storage unit purchased by Abacus. Breaking two in circles of salt reveals an angry ghost of John Beechum and his sister Tanya, who appears to be confused and weak. Tanya is taken by Moose to see Claire while Beechum is put in one of Abacus’ bottles.

Abacus reveals that nobody has been able to open new doors to the Hedge in about two weeks, but experimentation reveals that Jamie can. Speculation is that either it is due to her Keeper or Alice has warded the town to prevent Alexandros’ escape or rescue. John calls Elliott who says that ghosts can’t move on because of some sort of barrier. They decide to test if either of this things apply out of town, so they drive to a park near Stockbridge and begin breaking mirrors. All but one of the inhabitants are able to pass on. The oldest, most worn, ghosts are people that Cyndi knew. The more recent ones are strangers. Jack is also able to open a glory hole to the hedge in a rest stop bathroom.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jamie is woken by an odd call from Madame Serena and then discovers that she is covered dried blood.

Murder Most Foul

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stake out the bank where the father works. He arrives late, looking tired. Jack reads from him that he’s afraid of going to sleep and wants someone to declare him insane and commit him, or stop his daughter (but not kill her). Agree that approaching him may be a mistake but Jack and Jake go inside anyway and are told to invite John and Jamie. Beechum tells them that he’s a vegetarian and only just learned that we were real. He says his wife’s twin used to live in their basement before she was murdered, and he sees her twin in his dreams and that she’s “off”. Jack cuts a deal with him to protect his dreams in exchange for access. John exchanges some harsh words with him on the way out. After the meeting, he goes to see the therapist.

That night, John shows up for the meeting with Abacus too early with Chinese food. Abacus forces him to eat off of plates instead of from the cartons, play chess, and listen to math anecdotes. When the others arrive, they are all shown to a bedroom where Sands and two cats are waiting. They slip into Beechum’s dream, where they find a clown-filled carnival and are eventually trapped in a neverending house of mirrors. Beechum is weeping. Jack makes himself look like an authority figure and Nuriya salutes him, then bitterly accuses him of abandoning her. She boots them from the dream. They go back in and Nuriya accuses them of trying to trick her. John is able to find Beechum, who tells them that she is trapped in their hall mirror, under a cloth. She shreds both of them and injuries Jamie, breaking the dream. John wakes screaming. They go to Verdant to recharge and end up hanging out with LaBlanc.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everyone meets for lunch at the diner due to the late night and Jack says he’s arranged for Beechum to bring the mirror to them on campus. He shows up as arranged and asks Jack if they are going to kill his daughter. When he replies in the affirmative, Jake catches his arm as he goes for a gun in his pocket. John notices a Stepford lad watching and they pack up the painting and leave with Beechum looking defeated. Back at the motel, Nuriya asks for the “brain trust” and Abacus and George are calld. Before they arrive, John and Nuriya trade barbs. George offers to take the mirror to the summer hollow. John writes “the bitch who put you in the mirror is in English class” and a room number on a sign for her and George goes for him. Caleb intervenes and John leaves.

Moose is summoned to move the mirror but, seeing Nuriya in it, breaks it and lets her loose. She lights on fire and stomps around looking for John until George orders her to come with him. Jamie and Jack go along for the interrogation and run into Abacus on the way out. He tells them that Beechum shot himself on campus right after they left and that he wants to go after Cyndi tonight, lest she escalate. They collect John and come up with a plan. Abacus makes some calls and learns that she’s at home and an aunt is staying with her. He doesn’t want to involve Nuriya, citing her instability. The Summer Court sets up a command center in Jack’s room and hollow. Jack, Jamie, John, Jack, and Abacus go to Madeleine Park in two cars and find the street lights out, as planned. The Summer Court is making noise on the street, as a distraction, and they are able to sneak up to the house and enter through the chimney.

The second floor hallway is full of mirrors and they are attacked by mirror images of Jack and Jake. John leads the charge into Cyndi’s bedroom, finding her with a non-Stepford friend from school, but his attempts to disable her are thwarted by the shadows. Jamie stuffs the friend in the closet while Jake grabs Cyndi, and Jack slips in and slits her throat. He then attempts to open a door to the Hedge but only manages to open the door to the closet in his full bloody glory, scaring the hell out of the friend. They go out the window, narrowly avoiding a pissed off Strauss with his gun out as he kicks in the back door calling John’s name. Abacus and John drive back in his car, while the blood-soaked Jake and Jack are taken in Jamie’s.

On their return, the Command Center turns into a party and Jack invites the whole Spring Court over.


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