Queen Lila

She looks like a Greek goddess from a statue, and although she had lately been wearing a tunic and stola to match that, she has now taken to wearing clothing from the 20s, and has modified her crown to go with it, trailing peacock feathers and beads. Her long, curly black hair is carefully done up in a style to match her dress. Her eyes area dark, expressive brown, a golden circle surrounding the pupil. She smells like lilacs and richly overturned earth.

Mask: Her mask is much the same, right down to the interesting eyes, which are just a little less golden around the pupil.

Lila took over quite recently, during yet another Spring Court upheaval, and has since managed to tame the court down to a friendly simmer, through parties, gifts, and a level of tolerance quite unheard of to date within the court itself.

Her right hand man, Pierre LeBlanc, is rumored to be the real power behind the throne, and on the face of it, it seems as if that might actually be not far from the truth; she is mild and quiet, and seems a little less intelligent than one would want from a monarch.

Queen Lila

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