Story of the Elioud

Friday, December 20, 2013 (continued)

The motley leaves Serena’s and goes to see Pierre LeBlanc. Jack and he talk hats and John is distracted by his fuzzy naked ladies. The Spring King agrees to take Amee to get a look at Alice and see if she can determine what the old lady wants (other than the knives) under the auspice of working out a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, Jamie speaks with Elliott, who says he can’t tell her why she should stay away from Alice. Jack asks instead and Elliott tells him that she would exploit their relationship. Jamie swears to Jack and they go to lunch at the diner.

Jack swears Sorrow to the court after promising not to give Mike a hard time when he comes around. John hangs out with Sorrow and then goes home to have sex with Connie to recharge his batteries. Later that night, they all meet back at the Verdant hollow with Pierre and Amee (an Indian woman in traditional garb). They say that Alice has agreed to stop experimenting on Alexandros but won’t let him go until she gets the knives. Amee was able to discern that they are needed to renew some ritual and that her power was waning because it hadn’t been done. She also says it was very difficult to use her powers on the old lady.

Jack sents Jamie to work on the wards with Serena while he and John meet with Strauss at the diner. They fill him in on everything and discuss theories about Elliott. Strauss goes to call him but he asks to speak with Jack. He answers all of Jack’s questions, confirming Alexandros is being held in the basement of Alice’s house on her orders and agrees to come meet Jack at 11pm or 1am, but that midnight is not possible. He says that the Browns would not fire on clearly identified cops unless Alice was threatened and thinks she could be taken with violence, if it was done gently. John texts Jamie that she has two hours to work out the wards.

Elliott shows up at the diner at 11pm. John asks him if he killed anyone the previous night and he says that, if he did, it was in defense of his friends and family. Elliott puts way too much sugar in his coffee and Jack asks him what he is. He replies that Elliott is not his name, that he was renamed by Alice who pronounced his name wrong when she was young. He says that she inherited him from her parents. He also says that he can choose to ignore a direct question for the first time in centuries. The knives were created when he was summoned and if they were destroyed, he would regain that corrupted piece of his soul. Jack gives him the knives, ordering Jake to restrain him (which he has to). Elliott asks for John’s phone, then breaks the knives, exploding in light and electricity. The phone is on the wikipedia page for “Elioud”.

Meanwhile, Strauss and the cops raid Alice’s home, guided by Jamie and Serena’s work to avoid the wards. She is taken into custody and Alexandros retrieved. Strauss calls Jack and says that when they were carting Alice to an ambulance, that she started yelling in weird Hebrew.

Hail to the King

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jamie is woken by an odd call from Madame Serena and then discovers that she is covered dried blood and locked in a convent cell with no memory of what happened the night before. John is on the floor of Jack’s room. His gun is on him and has been fired recently. His clothes are covered in blood. Jack and Jake are in the bed. Jake has a stab wound. Checking text messages and voice mail, they determine that Elliott wanted a meeting and Abacus told them to attend. Jake is difficult to keep conscious, but Jack keeps poking his wound until he is able to relate that Abacus is dead and says it wasn’t Alice (directly) or Elliott who killed him.

Traveler shows up with a newspaper reporting an explosion at the ice cream parlor with Abacus and several nuns listed among the dead. It relates that a van full of armed men pulled up, there was a fight inside involving gunfire, followed by the explosion. In addition, the slashed remains of an unidentified woman was found behind the building. Jack determines that Abacus planned to kill Alice over her treatment of Alexandros and Elliott texts Jamie telling her to stay away from Alice for now.

Jack calls Serena, who says that the last time she saw Jamie was when she came to ask about the difficulty opening doors to the Hedge. She was told that Alexandros’ brother said he was being experimented on and there was to be a rescue. She seems unconcerned with Abacus’ death. Jamie finally shows up, having escaped the convent. Jack calls Tyler, who tells him that Jamie was contacted about a meet-up at the ice cream place. For some reason, she was behind the building when the van showed up with Alexandros and a bunch of armed guys. Strange magic was thrown around. John was shooting people, Jack stabbed Jake when he got between him and Elliott (who was fighting Abacus). A bright light came from Elliott and Tyler took off, but couldn’t get Alexandros out of the van. Jamie was absent for the whole thing.

Jamie sends a message to Sands (getting the number from Moose) when she realizes that Jake is bleeding out and the motley heads to Abacus’ house. The car has blood on the seats and Jake’s coat. The house is unlocked and looks to have been trashed by someone angry (rather than searched). They find his sex torture dungeon and a list of names paired with objects, none of which are familiar. Jack retrieves Abacus’ will, Book of Shadows, and ring from the safe. There is a note for Jack in the back of the book with the combination to the safe in the Autumn Court hollow and instructions to retrieve the crown.

They drive to the cemetery, reading the will on the way. It leaves most of Abacus’ estate to Alexandros except for the contents of an address for Jamie. If Alexandros is dead, half of his estate goes to Jack and the rest towards establishing a scholarship fund. Claire, Mike, Traveler, and Emile (whom they’d never met) are at the hollow when they arrive. Emile refuses to yield to Jack, to he challenges him to a duel. John cuts in to sucker punch him and he gets huge and hits him back. Jack talks him down (with magical assistance) and he steps aside, letting Jack take the crown and put it on his head.

John steps outside to check his messages and runs into George, who wants to know what happened (Serena told him to ask Jamie). John goes in to get her and finds Jack trying to convince Wood to swear fealty to him while Jamie tries to talk Jack out of it. She storms out to talk to George but is sent back in to get Jack when told he’s taken the crown. Claire hands in her pin and says she’s pledging to winter while Mike ponders joining the summer court. Wood finally agrees and swears to Jack, followed by Emile. When Jack emerges, George says, “Balls,” and congratulates him. They give George the rundown of what they know and he leaves.

On the drive back to the motel, John gets an email from Elliott with pictures and documents. Jack postulates that Jake is actually dying from a broken Knight’s Oath and that he may be able to save him by getting him to swear a new one to him. On arrival, John goes to look at what Elliott sent him, Jamie grabs food from the diner, and Jack goes to take Jake’s knight oath. The email has pictures of wards, drawings of wards, and documents explaining them. It is way over John’s head so he turns them over to Jamie when they meet up back at Jack’s room. Over lunch, they decide to go see Madame Serena.

At the Winter Queen’s house, they are greeted by a strange woman with a sword for a hand. Serena tells Jack that there is a celebration on campus where he will crown her and then he’ll have a year to work things out. Jamie shows her the wards, which she agrees to help decipher in exchange for an unspecified favor from Jack. She plucks out her spare eye, grinds it up, and drinks it in tea and gives them the following details about the previous night:

  • Tyler told Abacus that Alexandros was being experimented on by Alice to gauge the limits of our endurance with magic and iron.
  • Abacus lost his shit and called the motley.
  • Elliott called Jamie and said he wanted to talk about it.
  • Abacus promised to trade the knives for Alexandros.
  • Jack and John showed up and Jamie left.
  • Elliott came in good faith but other Browns sent by Alice did not and a fight breaks out.
  • Abacus attacked Elliott, breaking his oath.
  • Jake saved Jack’s life.
  • John was gravely wounded.

At this point, things get fuzzy for Serena. She speaks of a “fractured soul” and treachery. She says that Elliott’s soul looked fractured when he arrived but was briefly whole, then fractured again and Abacus died. They are able to piece together that he was whole when Jack stabbed him with the knives but that it wasn’t related to the explosion, which was a spell put on him and fueled by the souls of those nearby. The memory loss was due to another spell. After the explosion, Elliott healed Jack and John and Jake dragged them to the car and drove them home.


November 13 – December 19, 2013

The Stepfords riot, killing and eating people, and then disappear. Footage sees them talking to a shadowy figure and then walking through walls. Only infants remain. Strauss is furious with the motley, John in particular. Moose assures them she understands and loves them. John’s relationship with Claire gets more serious, he goes back to freelancing with Jim Bolt, and spends more time with Peter. Jamie continues her lessons with Alice, visits Alexandros, and makes a friend in the Spring Court called Calpernia May. Jack becomes attached at the hip to Abacus, has a gallery opening for Emily, and gets chummy with Pierre LaBlanc.

When the Beechum house comes up for sale, the motley goes to take a look at it. Jack senses something odd still about the mirrors and offers to buy them from the real estate agent, which she readily accepts. They move them to a storage unit purchased by Abacus. Breaking two in circles of salt reveals an angry ghost of John Beechum and his sister Tanya, who appears to be confused and weak. Tanya is taken by Moose to see Claire while Beechum is put in one of Abacus’ bottles.

Abacus reveals that nobody has been able to open new doors to the Hedge in about two weeks, but experimentation reveals that Jamie can. Speculation is that either it is due to her Keeper or Alice has warded the town to prevent Alexandros’ escape or rescue. John calls Elliott who says that ghosts can’t move on because of some sort of barrier. They decide to test if either of this things apply out of town, so they drive to a park near Stockbridge and begin breaking mirrors. All but one of the inhabitants are able to pass on. The oldest, most worn, ghosts are people that Cyndi knew. The more recent ones are strangers. Jack is also able to open a glory hole to the hedge in a rest stop bathroom.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jamie is woken by an odd call from Madame Serena and then discovers that she is covered dried blood.

Murder Most Foul

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stake out the bank where the father works. He arrives late, looking tired. Jack reads from him that he’s afraid of going to sleep and wants someone to declare him insane and commit him, or stop his daughter (but not kill her). Agree that approaching him may be a mistake but Jack and Jake go inside anyway and are told to invite John and Jamie. Beechum tells them that he’s a vegetarian and only just learned that we were real. He says his wife’s twin used to live in their basement before she was murdered, and he sees her twin in his dreams and that she’s “off”. Jack cuts a deal with him to protect his dreams in exchange for access. John exchanges some harsh words with him on the way out. After the meeting, he goes to see the therapist.

That night, John shows up for the meeting with Abacus too early with Chinese food. Abacus forces him to eat off of plates instead of from the cartons, play chess, and listen to math anecdotes. When the others arrive, they are all shown to a bedroom where Sands and two cats are waiting. They slip into Beechum’s dream, where they find a clown-filled carnival and are eventually trapped in a neverending house of mirrors. Beechum is weeping. Jack makes himself look like an authority figure and Nuriya salutes him, then bitterly accuses him of abandoning her. She boots them from the dream. They go back in and Nuriya accuses them of trying to trick her. John is able to find Beechum, who tells them that she is trapped in their hall mirror, under a cloth. She shreds both of them and injuries Jamie, breaking the dream. John wakes screaming. They go to Verdant to recharge and end up hanging out with LaBlanc.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everyone meets for lunch at the diner due to the late night and Jack says he’s arranged for Beechum to bring the mirror to them on campus. He shows up as arranged and asks Jack if they are going to kill his daughter. When he replies in the affirmative, Jake catches his arm as he goes for a gun in his pocket. John notices a Stepford lad watching and they pack up the painting and leave with Beechum looking defeated. Back at the motel, Nuriya asks for the “brain trust” and Abacus and George are calld. Before they arrive, John and Nuriya trade barbs. George offers to take the mirror to the summer hollow. John writes “the bitch who put you in the mirror is in English class” and a room number on a sign for her and George goes for him. Caleb intervenes and John leaves.

Moose is summoned to move the mirror but, seeing Nuriya in it, breaks it and lets her loose. She lights on fire and stomps around looking for John until George orders her to come with him. Jamie and Jack go along for the interrogation and run into Abacus on the way out. He tells them that Beechum shot himself on campus right after they left and that he wants to go after Cyndi tonight, lest she escalate. They collect John and come up with a plan. Abacus makes some calls and learns that she’s at home and an aunt is staying with her. He doesn’t want to involve Nuriya, citing her instability. The Summer Court sets up a command center in Jack’s room and hollow. Jack, Jamie, John, Jack, and Abacus go to Madeleine Park in two cars and find the street lights out, as planned. The Summer Court is making noise on the street, as a distraction, and they are able to sneak up to the house and enter through the chimney.

The second floor hallway is full of mirrors and they are attacked by mirror images of Jack and Jake. John leads the charge into Cyndi’s bedroom, finding her with a non-Stepford friend from school, but his attempts to disable her are thwarted by the shadows. Jamie stuffs the friend in the closet while Jake grabs Cyndi, and Jack slips in and slits her throat. He then attempts to open a door to the Hedge but only manages to open the door to the closet in his full bloody glory, scaring the hell out of the friend. They go out the window, narrowly avoiding a pissed off Strauss with his gun out as he kicks in the back door calling John’s name. Abacus and John drive back in his car, while the blood-soaked Jake and Jack are taken in Jamie’s.

On their return, the Command Center turns into a party and Jack invites the whole Spring Court over.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Jack, Strauss, Jake, and Jamie track John to the high school gym where cheerleading practice is underway. They get John outside and Cyndi follows, there is a verbal confrontation and John agrees to accompany Strauss downtown. They take him to the morgue and show him the remains of Flynn which have been recovered and are able to get him to shake off Cyndi’s influence. When it is suggested a local eatery dosed his coffee with blood, he throws up in the sink.

Return to the diner to discuss dealing with Cyndi, with John telling them about her schedule. They ponder approaching John Beechum and decide it is their best option. They go to Abacus, who signs off on the plan, saying that if it fails that the only option left is murder. He gives John a card for the therapist. It is revealed during the conversation that Abacus and George each own a quarter of the motel.

Losing John

Friday, November 8, 2013

John starts tailing Cyndi. Jamie has lessons with Alice, who won’t let Alexandros go. The Stepfords get more aggressive.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jack notices John is neater and is defending the Stepfords, who are trying to buy the Sweet Water. Mike’s van is trashed and he moves into a room at the motel.

Note: Eric missed this session due to illness.

Cannibal Murder Cult

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jamie and John wake to find a strange reptilian man dressed like a secret service agent guarding Jack’s door. He introduces himself as Jake and says that Jack isn’t in his room but hasn’t left. He also says he hasn’t eaten, so they go to get food from the diner (a bag is already ready) and are allowed into the empty room to leave it. While the pair of them are in there, Jack steps out of the closet wearing a robe and wizard hat. He’s surprised to learn about the guard on his door. They fill him in on the situation with the Stepfords and they agree to tap Wood for more info.

Wood is mussed when he arrives for lunch, having second thoughts about doing a newspaper, pondering instead pamphlets or books. Jamie convinces him to do both, the paper for current events and the other two as reference materials. Wood says that one of the carnies who stirred up so much trouble several years back had a fetch who got very powerful and was able to “infect” the people around her. Her changeling was friendly with her despite being a prominent member of the Summer Court. After she left, the fetch’s power continued to grow until the freehold put her down (after several failed attempts). Part of the difficulty was her ability to nullify changeling magic in a growing radius. When she was killed, there was a human body left and it was investigated as a murder (she was shot and severely beaten).

He can’t remember some detail and so goes to his car with John to fetch his journal, which turns out to be one of dozens packed into his car in filing boxes. Finally, he finds his notes and says that the fetch had a daughter named Cyndi with her husband, John Beechum. John looks her up on Facebook and finds a cute fifteen-year-old redhead who appears to be driven, active in all sorts of clubs, and fun despite being conservative. A perky go-getter. Jake chimes in, warning us against doing anything, and admits that the monarchs have been unable to agree on a course of action which is why nothing’s been done about it. They need to cooperate to get it done and they can’t.

John wonders if Flynn left a ghost and they decide to go see Pamela. She meets with them in her kitchen with a hairbrush she asked them to bring. She says that everyone who dies in Athens leaves behind a ghost and that things are pretty crowded here. She summons Flynn’s shade, but as soon as Jack asks him about his body, he fully manifests, screams like a banshee, and goes all poltergeist. Jake tries to drag Jack out of the room until Pamela banishes the ghost back to his body. Jack says they he learned that Flynn’s body was currently being dismembered. With much trepidation, she locates where the parts of him are on a map, and demands to know what’s going on. She says she was never told about the Stepfords. Meanwhile, Jack and Jake are arguing about whether he needs protection from ghosts, being a medium. John helps and Jack tells him to stop.

They call Strauss and give him the information and then head back to the motel to await word. John and Jamie grab a nap while Jack goes back into his closet to continue decorating. They are woken by a ruckus outside and find Jake manhandling Wood. The pig-man heard over his police scanner that body parts had been found at a house in the taboo neighborhood and arrests were being made. Jack emerges wearing a smock and elbow-length leather gloves and they all go to Jamie’s room to talk. Checking the address the police mentioned, it is not the Beechum residence. Wood says he’s going to go drive by and take a look, but Jack admonishes him, saying, “They are a cannibal murder cult and you are made of bacon.” Wood seems taken aback and leaves.

The three go to dinner at the diner and when they still haven’t heard from Strauss, John goes to Moose’s office, finding her poring over a pile of paperwork with glasses on. She relates that the family in that house was marinating parts of Tyler for some sort of party and Mark is stressed because he’s having trouble getting access to the other houses because of the lawyers and a recalcitrant judge. John makes the mistake of asking about the paperwork and ends up getting Moose’s taxes dumped on him (with the glasses, to make him smart). He returns to the diner with his pile of paperwork and fills the the others in. John and Jamie retire to his room to play Last of Us and Jack returns, yet again, to the closet.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Strauss shows up at 1am and reiterates what Moose already told them. He says that the Beechums was the first place he tried to get into. The one he was finally able to get a warrant for were a new family which had moved into the neighborhood three months ago. The addresses he was given, nineteen in all, represent every house in the neighborhood. He says he’s informed George but not Abacus. He says he’s tried to contact Abacus but hasn’t been able to get through to him. John lets slip about the situation with the Browns and Alexandros. Strauss demands to know the details, given that Elliot is one of his detectives. They grudgingly give him some and he is less than thrilled.

He notices Moose’s glasses on John’s table and asks after them. He is very thankful when John says he’s going to take care of her taxes and seems surprised to find out the motel is near foreclosure. He confirms that, as John guessed, Moose has money but it is essentially a chest full of gold doubloons she keeps in her apartment. Strauss leaves and they go to Abacus’ house, getting there around two. Conversation with Jake as they approach indicate that he’s sworn a powerful oath with Abacus to protect Jack and doesn’t need to sleep.

There are a couple of lights on but nobody is answers the door. Jake calls and leaves a message and Abacus immediately calls him back and says to have John break in and he’ll be right down. John phases through the front door to let them in, disturbing Jake. With a detour to the kitchen, where John acquires pie and a glass of milk, they end up in the library where they are shortly joined by a hastily showered and dressed Autumn monarch. They explain everything that’s happened and tell him that they think they need to kill Cyndi. He says they would need someone who can fight even without their powers and Jack brings up Thomas, but Abacus says that he may actually be a longbowman from medieval England and never leaves the Hedge, thinking he’s in a dream.

Abacus calls George, who says he’s coming over. While they wait, Jack asks why everyone who dies here leaves a ghost behind. Abacus says it has only been that way for a few years (he doesn’t know precisely how long because Pamela is vague) but the dead are unable to move on like they should be doing. A squeal of tires marks the arrival of the Summer King and Caleb. The monarch is displeased to see the motley and tries to claim that all of the trouble of late has been their fault. It turns out he didn’t know about Cyndi and is livid that Abacus kept this from him. He challenges everyone present to convince him not to just start burning down houses in the neighborhood. John and Jack posit that the people there are just pawns of the fetch-child, innocent victims who will return to normal when she’s dead. George says he’ll handle killing the teenager (Jack is eager to take part) but needs intelligence. John offers to follow her and he accepts. They return home to the motel.

The Stepford Situation

Saturday, November 2, 2013

John calls Abacus, who says he was hoping John would know where Alexandros is, and is surly at him. When Abacus says he hasn’t called Tyler yet, John hangs up on him and does so himself. Tyler is pissed and has John swear an oath that he won’t let them (Abacus and his motley mates) kill him before agreeing to meet them at the hospital where Alexandros’ personal effects are and tells him to bring a mirror. Jamie gets a hand mirror. On arrival, Abacus seems very unhappy to see Tyler and Alexandros’ “brother” gives him a wide berth in order to enter the room. John goes with him and Jamie and Jack stay in the hall, where the three of them discuss Tyler and whether or not he is a fetch. Abacus says Tyler has been trying to get Alexandros out of the Autumn Court and away from him and that their last encounter got physical.

Tyler collects Alexandros’ bloody clothes and eschews the hand mirror to use the larger one in the bathroom. He calls up a vision of Alexandros in his hospital scrubs sitting on a bed in a very nice room with a pile of clothes and a towel, talking to someone they can’t see because of the angle. The view looks familiar to John but he can’t place it. He calls in the others, but none of them recognize it. John tries to take a picture of the image with his cell phone, but just gets lens flare, and he asks Jamie to use her special camera. While discussing where it might be, John hits on the idea that it may be Mordecai’s house and that the Browns may have grabbed him to get leverage on Abacus. The Autumn King goes into the other room to make a phone call. John and Jamie get the mirror off the wall and move it just in time to see Elliot on his cell phone as they hear Abacus yelling at him from the other room. Elliot leaves the room and Alexandros falls asleep on the bed.

Jamie and Jack go to join Abacus as he yells obscenities into his phone. He’s hung up on and tells them Elliot wouldn’t admit that Alexandros was there or really say much of anything. Jack promises to go talk to him. Meanwhile, Tyler starts meditating and, after a spell, says that Alexandros is being coy and has been like this before when he’s been in jail. He leaves the bathroom and edges past Abacus (who looks like he might come after him) and runs down the hall with John in pursuit. John sees him to his car and kens him, sensing that he is, indeed, supernatural but unable to tell what he is. Jamie and Jack catch up with him at the car and they proceed to the Brown mansion, finding the gate unlocked and Elliot waiting for them on the porch. He is elusive but says he won’t let them in to talk to Alexandros. Jamie makes an incest comment about him and Alice and he says that he was “given” the name Brown but isn’t related to Alice and reiterates that he isn’t her familiar “in the sense that we mean”. He finally tells them that Alexandros didn’t feel safe at the hospital and Alice sent Elliot to bring him here.

John tries to get Elliot to swear that he won’t let the Browns hurt Alexandros, then just that they won’t kill him, but he says he is unable. John lays out how their obligations to Abacus (as their monarch) and Alexandros (as a member of their court) could lead to a lot of deaths if somebody doesn’t back down. Jack suggests that Alice, thinking that gay men are weak, could be convinced that Alexandros could be persuaded to get the knives for them, and so they should get the manacles off of him and let him go, ostensibly as a gesture of good will to curry Abacus’ favor. Elliot seems flustered by this suggestion and they leave. Jamie says they should tell Abacus and Jack volunteers, asking to be dropped off at his house.

Jamie and John head back to Sweet Water to have dinner at the diner but are forced to park several blocks away and walk through the street fair. As they near a booth for St. Gregory’s chuch (the sponsor of the fair), a trio of creepy-normal looking women turns as one to look at them after being alerted of their presence by a creepy-normal little girl. Behind them is Jamie’s fetch, which recognizes her. John turns them around and hurries away with Moose joining them, oblivious of the danger (she waves at the fetch). The wives all get on their cell phones. John spots two creepy clean-cut boys tailing them and steers everyone to his car, grabbing Mike (who has there getting ice cream). Three creepy-normal men (with pipes) are within sight of the car but don’t get closer after spotting Moose. As they drive off, Jamie texts Jack to warn him away.

John drives them to Verdant. At Mike’s suggestion, John and he go to call George, leaving Moose to order huge neon drinks for herself and Jamie. George initially just tells them that they are fucked but John presses. He shows up with Caleb and Strauss. John has beers waiting for George and Strauss and a glass of merlot for an appreciative Caleb (who takes it and walks off). Strauss and Moose are awkward and Geroge directs them all to a concealed door leading to a “back room” Hollow. He explains the M.O. of the Stepford People, that once they get his scent they’ll contact the people he knows to try and find him and tell them he’s a monster, but won’t hurt them. They only go after the monsters. He says they’ve killed five so far this year, killed two last year, and that the year before (when they first appeared) was a bloodbath. Strauss says that they attack people in isolated areas and all that is left is a lot of blood. The bodies are never found. George suggests shooting first and Strauss urges them not to shoot anybody.

Jamie tells them about her fetch and George is upset to find out she’s a nun, saying he can’t kill a nun or Caleb (who is religious) would never forgive him. He expresses his irritation that he’s religious despite the church thinking homosexuality is wrong and yells at John for being religious, as well, mocking his religious perspective on his captivity. He also accuses him of being closeted. The whole time, Moose has been glaring at Strauss. As everyone is leaving, she tackles him onto the couch and start kissing him. John hesitates but Strauss gives him a thumbs up. Jamie and John agree to avoid Sweet Water until the street fair is over. After some brainstorming, she calls her Spring Court friend Leonard, who agrees to put her up. John goes over to Connie’s apartment.

November 3-4, 2013

Jamie and John lay low. Jack returns home with a strengthened Mask and gets a look at the Stepford People but is not identified.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jamie and John return home. That night, Flynn Sullivan is brutally murdered in the Sweet Water parking lot. Mike witnesses the whole thing. He says that a large amount of Stepford People came out of nowhere with knives, slit his throat, bled him out, and took the body with them.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Summer Court patrol is stationed at the gate of Sweet Water. John and Mike set up cameras on the parking lot and both entrances.

Sweet Dreams

Saturday, November 2, 2013

John dreams about failing to save Alexandros. It is dismal and rainy as he and Jamie have breakfast. Jamie says she thinks she might have been gone longer than she previously thought. They head to Abacus’ house and Mrs. Potts tells them that the king isn’t there and that Jack is sleeping and will be seen by Sands later. They go to the hospital and find Alexandros in Intensive Care, with Abacus and Elliot in the waiting room. They say that the doctors were able to get the manacles off of his ankles but the ones on his wrists are proving supernaturally resistant, which bothers Elliot as iron is supposed to be anti-magic. Elliot agrees to ask Alice about it and asks Abacus to reconsider. The Autumn King states that once he figures out how to keep Celeste from body-swapping, we are going to kill her.

Jamie tells Abacus about her dreams and he gives her a key to the safe in the Autumn Court sanctum and tells her to fetch a soul and use it to buy a dream interpretation from Serena. On the way out, John grabs a paper and reads about the gunfight at the family estate of the Grays, notes two dead (neither Julie) and a police investigation ongoing. Nobody is at the sanctum. The safe contains five mason jars, all glowing different colors and seeming like they are communicating. The knife box is in there with several other boxes. They take one of the soul and go to Madame Serena, who again takes them back to her kitchen.

Serena doesn’t believe that Jamie’s Keeper is close, instead saying that the dreams are being sent by the Drake to lure her back because she is needed for something. She says that the three of them are linked and they should ask Jack about his dreams and not let him get lost in them. John and Gavin are entangled and also linked to the rest of the motley. The knives and their fate, she says, change the potential futures considerably and they may be the source of the interference in Jack’s dreams. She also says they are an extension of somebody, part of them, and are also redeemable. She agrees that destroying them may be very bad.

They bring Abacus coffee at the hospital and fill him in on what they’ve learned. Elliot told him that Alice needs to do some research to get the manacles off. He sends them to check up on Jack. On arrival at Abacus’ house, Sands is arguing with George via text messages. Jack is awake and looking better due to a weird purple potion. They tell him what Serena said and he doesn’t think that he’s the one the knives are an extension of and says his dreams are weird because of the soul collecting. George storms up and flings the door open with Sands behind him. They argue about whether Jack needs more healing, with the injured party trying to punch him in the face when he pokes his dressed wound. He finally defers to Sands.

George suggests breaking Alexandros’ hands to get the manacles off but agrees it is a poor option when it is pointed how bad it would be if it didn’t work (since he can’t be healed until they are off). They take Jack back to the motel to change and find the streets blocked off for a street fair. They call Elliot and he tells them to come to his house in an hour. They have lunch at the diner and the waitress drops a paper bag full of food with “11” written on it in front of Jack. He takes it to Emily‘s room and Jamie goes looking for him when he’s gone too long, finding him admiring a painting of himself.

On the ride over to Elliot’s, John tells Jack about Serena’s thoughts on Gavin. Elliot is waiting for them on the porch, asks about the octopus and says his leg is fine. They return the kevlar vests. He confirms that he can see them as they are and takes them out back to the guest house. Alice is an ancient woman and the house is decorated in granny decor. She’s incredibly rude, dismissive of the two males and only really talks to Jamie. She says she knows who the knives are an extension of but says that whose half a soul they are is a family secret and she won’t tell. She refers to Abacus as “the faggot king” and says that men are weak and she’ll only teach Jamie. She does confirm that Celeste is in between bodies again. John uses kenning and determines that Alice is some sort of magic worker and that Elliot is also supernatural but not the same.

While walking them out, Elliot apologizes and doesn’t know why she was so rude. Jamie says she thinks Alice was trying to get to him. John asks if he is Alice’s family and he replies “not in the sense that you mean”. They head to Clarie‘s, wondering if they should bring vegan donuts and exploring the depths of John’s culinary skills. There is a student soiree in progress at the Griffith house. Most of the attendees are normal. They find Claire watching kids play Rock Band and she takes them upstairs to her room, shooing people out. She says the nightmares one has after collecting a soul depend on the strength of the soul. Older souls tend to be stronger than younger ones. They can last as long as a month. John tells her about Gavin and she isn’t sure bottling him is a good idea. Jack asks her to remind Pamela about warding his room. They hang out for a bit and get Glamour by playing Rock Band (and John steals some life force to heal his remaining wound).

When they return to the motel, John gets a text from Abacus saying that Alexandros disappeared after they moved him out of the ICU to a private room.

Going Waco

Friday, November 1, 2013

The motley eats dinner and swears an oath to liberate Alexandros in the next twenty-four hours. Elliot returns at dusk with more kevlar, a shotgun, and a heavy pistol. John calls Tyler to get a better bead and he contacts Alexandros’ dreams, which are fractured and weird, and gets a cave near water, which Elliot recognizes. They come up with a plan. Jamie collects her cats and they go. They pull over halfway up the road to the compound, pulling the car off the road, and head out on foot, with the cats going up the other side. On getting near the fence, Elliot and the cats hit bear traps. John saves Jack from stepping on one. They get Elliot free and wrap his wound and he insists on continuing with them.

They climb the sheer rock wall in order to bypass the fence. Elliot says he’ll find a car while John sneaks up on the cave mouth and peers in, seeing two guards and a door. He uses creeping dread to unsettle the guards and then he and Jack use mask of superiority to order them to investigate the fence where the cats are tripping alarms. Jamie notices Julie in the center of the compound looking wary but she hasn’t seen them yet. John picks the lock on the door and finds Alexandros manacled to the floor with iron, bruised and broken. He uses a crowbar to pry up the iron circle and uses the key to unlock him from the floor but is unable to get the manacles off. Meanwhile, the guards return to the cave. Jack shoots one and Jamie hurls herself at the other. John carries Alexandros out just as Jamie gets shot and he drops his mask to scare the guards. Jack stabs the guy he shot but the other shoots John while fleeing.

John hears a car and George shouting as they exit the cave, and a mist rolls in while a female voice calls out to them by name, asking them to reveal themselves. John leads them towards where he heard the car. They stumble on two guys. The one with a fire ax pisses himself on seeing John and he badly wounds Jack when he runs up to them. The other guy urges him to retreat, eventually pulling him away physically. When they emerge from the mist, they find a Hummer with Wagner driving and Elliot inside and George with a sword facing down Julie and a bunch of her guys. She’s glaring at Elliot. Julie tries to touch Jack and then block his way and tells John that its a good look for him. They manage to get into the Hummer and start driving off. Elliot shoots Julie in the head as they are leaving, shattering the back window (to George’s irritation).

George yells at the motley, saying Abacus sent him. When they arrive at the Autumn King’s house, he is on the porch looking angry and takes Alexandros from John. His living room has been set up for triage and Sands gets to work on Jack (sticking an octopus to his chest) while George, John, and Jamie discuss how to get the manacles off of Alexandros, who can’t benefit from Sands’ help until the iron’s off of him. Sands works on Elliot next. They explain to a shell-shocked Abacus why they didn’t tell him and learn that Tyler called him, worried they’d be shot. Elliot suspects there is a schism among the Grays (Rebecca vs Julie/Celeste). When Abacus leaves, George tries to recruit them into the Summer Court and asks if Abacus is fucking Jack. John asks him why folks get horny when Spring’s in charge, but he doesn’t know. Jack finds the question ridiculous. After Abacus returns, Sands tells him that Alexandros needs to go to a hospital. He concurs and says he’ll take him. Jack gives him his knife and asks him to dispose of it in the Hedge, then retires to “his” room. George drives Jamie and John home. John goes to sleep with his gun on the nightstand.


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