Pierre LeBlanc

"The Mayor"


“Some would say I’m a carnal slave
I put my hands on what I crave”

Pierre is a short, stout man. He has long, silky grey hair that he has pulled into a loose ponytail, and a neatly trimmed goatee. Huge, black rams horns curl up and back out of his head. Pierre always dresses in a frock coat and vest, and his shoes are always quite shiny and well kept. He carries a cane that he occasionally twirls as he walks.
His voice is rich and indulgent, and his laugh is loud and full bellied.

Pierre is known for his indulgences, and the fact that he is more than willing to help anyone he likes indulge them as well. Sex, drugs, food, drinks, pain, whatever satisfies your most carnal needs, he’s your guy. He’s got the ear of the Queen, and he is known in the court as “The Mayor”, because of the unprecedented amount of control he has over her, and her decisions.

It is said, his bad side is not the side anyone wants to be on.


Pierre came to Athens a few months ago, and quickly became an integral part of the place and the Spring Court in specific. There is little information on who he was prior or where he came from, except that it was through mundane means, not from the hedge. He is the person in the entire Freehold who knows the most about The Market, and how it works.

Pierre LeBlanc

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