Jake the Snake

Reptilian man in a suit.


Jake is a snake man, nicknamed “Jake the Snake”, although he introduces himself as “Jacob”. He is always immaculately dressed in a suit, and bears himself the way that a secret service or FBI agent on the job would. He always seems to be composed, in control, and just a little amused. He is in the Autumn Court, and this is always a source of puzzlement from the rest of the court, as he is never seen researching in The Library, isn’t into magic or fear, or anything else that the rest of the court is into. He, in fact, is rarely seen unless Abacus has him on a job. Those who have seen him in action speak of freaky reflexes, and a blur of speed and motion.


Jacob will readily admit, if he is asked, to having been in the FBI for a long time before his abduction, and to having been in the marines prior to that. He enjoys black and white movies, jazz music, and no one knows where he lives. He’s been seen only with one woman in remembered history, a brown haired human woman in her 40s with a red sports car, a slinky dress, and a quick smile.

Right now, Jake is protecting Jack on Abacus’ orders, and has apparently taken a heavy duty oath, as he no longer needs sleep or food, and can always tell where Jack is, as well as his physical and emotional state.

Jake the Snake

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