Jaime Tyler

Serval woman, looks 16ish, but was in The Dreaming for a decade.


Mask: Jamie is an attractive young woman in her mid to late teens, with large green eyes and honey blond hair that flows past her shoulders, and an nice figure, if somewhat athletic looking. She moves lithely, and has an uncomfortable habit of staring intensely at things for somewhat longer times than would be considered socially normal. Jamie is often carrying a camera, sometimes around her neck, or sometimes in a case. Her style of dress is eclectic. Sometimes she appears in vintage clothing, but at other times in obviously expensive, well fitted clothing. She often wears a lace, fishnet or silk mitt on her left hand.

Mien: A mixture of cat and woman, her amber eyes have a cat’s pupils. She has whiskers at lip and eyebrows. Although she has human skin, her face is covered in a fine colorless hair. She has serval ears, spotted and erect, and a long tail which, with her ears, describes her reactions to things. Although she has nearly human hands, she has retractable claws which she uses to deadly effect, and a burned-on spiral on her left hand. Due to attempting a change while first in the real world after being rescued, she is currently stuck in this configuration. She is unable to wear makeup, since makeup and the hair on her face do not go well together.


When Jamie was 16 and working on her Catholic High School newspaper as a journalist and photographer, there were rumors of orgies at a particular fraternity house. She was sheltered and curious, and went to see if there was some sort of story in it. Her earliest memories of life here were from when she was taken while staking out this party. After her transformation she spent her time as a giant serval. She and others who had been taken and changed into hunting beasts, hunted for her Master, as well as being used as his occasional lover. She spent ten years in this somewhat hedonistic, if brutal and unthinking, lifecycle.

Then others like the Master started coming to the property. What they said made the Master angrier and angrier with each successive visit. In the end, the Master began to move into other realms and destroy them and kill those within them, sometimes taking prizes here and there. At the last rout that Jamie participated in, there was much mayhem, and the Master lost control of his beasts temporarily. Jamie batted the cage holding two prisoners about until the door broke and released them.

The Master chased them through the realm, and through the Hedge. Every time Jamie was touched by a thorn, she grew smaller and smaller until she was merely the size of a normal serval. Upon being captured by slavers, it was revealed that Jamie has her Master’s spiral brand upon her paw. His sign is recognized and is feared by the slavers, and later is found disturbing by others in the Athens Changeling community.

As time passes, snippets of memory come to Jamie, but she has no memories of a home life, or her parents. She retains her love of photography, and the seething curiosity which led to her being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trying to find out who she was, she & John hit the high school yearbooks from the right period but can’t find a trace of her. As a last shot, they try the local Catholic High School and hit pay dirt. The only problem is that she never went missing, and in her senior year was suddenly ceased with an avocation to become a nun. Further research determines that her fetch has become both a nun and a teacher in that very school.

As Jamie and John are leaving the school quickly, so as not to run into her, Jamie trips, seemingly over a shadow, at just the right moment to avoid her fetch bringing in children to class. The nun’s eyes pass over John, but do not detect the nearly prone Jamie. A lucky chance has saved them from a sudden, unprepared altercation. Once she is past, John hurries Jamie out of the school to where Jack is waiting and urges them to leave as swiftly as possible. Jamie is torn between a desire to just leave well enough alone, and the knowledge that these things can just get stronger the longer they are here, and this one has been in place for a decade.

Jaime Tyler

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