Touch of Gray

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jamie wants to go to the junkyard and find a car, as John suggested. They walk over and pick out a worse for the wear Ford Mustang. Once Wood arrives, John goes with him to haggle with Silas, who offers his condolences to John after donning a pair of John Lennon glasses that seem to allow him to see his mien. He suggests that John avoid Frank, who turns out to be the same big dead guy who helped move the bodies the other night.

After finalizing the purchase, Wood tells them that the Browns and Grays has a feud which started when Mordecai returned to town and Dixon disappeared, and ended with his death. He says that there are not a lot of Grays left but that the town is full of Browns. Jack asks if there is an Elliott Gray and Wood says there isn’t, but there is an Elliott Brown, who is a police detective.

John starts work on the car while Jack makes arrangements with Silas to repair his safe.

October 14-19, 2013

John spends the next week repairing the Mustang. He tells his father about it after one of his AA meetings and brings him over to see it. They end up working on it together. His father even comes over when he isn’t there. Jack builds contacts within the Spring and Summer courts and retrieves the other knife from Abacus. Jamie is given a camera by Wood’s gnome and discovers that it can photograph miens.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A newspaper is slipped under John’s plate at breakfast. The headline is that Young was found tortured to death. John calls Strauss, who is enraged, and demands that they meet. After some confusion about the location, they end up at John’s old apartment (now in use by Jack) where Strauss tells them that there was a letter found at Young’s place addressed to John, warning him that people were looking for him in regards to the doll. The party assures him they have had nothing to do with Young since selling him the doll and he shows them a picture of a middle-aged blonde woman named Celeste Gray and tells them to avoid her, intimating that she’s suspected of Young’s murder.

John fills Strauss in on the Brown-Gray story and he gets agitated. They finally get out of him that Detective Brown fits the description of the guy who came in a stolen car to buy the doll and that the source that hung up on John when he asked him to run the plates was a relation. This makes it clear to Strauss that his co-worker is up to his ears in this. He storms off, returning briefly to deposit Alexandros, who he found skulking outside. While helping John move Jack’s artwork down to the car to take back to the Sweet Water, Alexandros says he’s following Jack and is worried that Abacus is on the verge of figuring out that the two of them don’t, in fact, share a durance (as the ring Bertie gave Jack suggested) and is going to be very angry when he does. John relates this to others. Jack then pisses off Jamie with a comment about her minimal contribution to putting down the fetch and she takes off in her new car. The rest of them follow.

John heads to church, which proves so unpleasant that he leaves early, doesn’t finish his lunch, and ends up in his darkened room for the rest of the day. Jack prepares a chocolate-covered mouse for Jamie as a peace offering (she’d have preferred live). Jack then goes out to be social and returns around midnight. John goes rock wall climbing at Peter’s gym, which is quite pleasant and uneventful despite the group’s misgivings.

Monday, October 21, 2013

At 2am, Jack is alerted to a fight outside his door by two loud bangs against it. He sees a strange man’s face hitting it through the peephole. The sound wakens Jamie, who goes out to investigate as Jack opens the door. Alexandros is the other combatant and is obviously killing his opponent. John hears the ruckus and opens his door just as Jamie passes. All three of them try to talk Alexandros down with Jack’s order seeming to have the most weight and the unconscious man is dragged into his room. Alexandros obviously was badly injured by the man’s hunting knife but shows no more signs of injury. He excuses himself to the bathroom while Jamie examines the man and determines that he needs to get to a hospital. She goes outside to clean up the blood while Jack goes through his pockets. His wallet identifies him as Nicholas Gray and John finds a text on his phone from Celeste Gray with the address, a picture of Jack from Young’s surveillance video, and the message “He has them both”.

John goes to his room to gets his shoes and stash his gun. Alexandros comes out of the bathroom looking much better and says that Abacus says we shouldn’t kill him but he suspects he’s annoyed that he didn’t. Everyone decides to dump him on the side of the road and call it in to 911. John enables GPS tracking on Gray’s phone, takes a picture of the text from Celeste, deletes it, wipes the phone down and gets his fingerprints on it before returning it to his pocket. After this is all done, John drives Alexandros to a skeezy park at his request.

Jack calls Celeste to arrange a meeting over breakfast at Der Waffle Haus (John’s suggestion). Celeste invites John and “the woman with you” to come. Jack goes to talk to Emily, who witnessed the fight, to make sure that they’s not freaked out by it (she isn’t) and then everyone takes naps before the meeting. Before they leave, Jack asks Moose to keep an eye on his room in case Celeste sends people to steal the knives. They arrive at the restaurant before her. She’s in a leather jacket and well tailored clothes and John can tell she’s armed with a gun and possibly a knife and carries herself like she knows how to use them.

She sits, complains about Jack cursing her, and has everyone turn their cell phones off and put them on the table. She admits to torturing Young, complaining about his ethics regarding giving up the identity of buyers. Jack gets out of her that the knives were made by the Browns on commission but that the Grays “Christened” them. Mordecai acquired them when he killed Dixon, burying one with the schoolteacher and taking the other with him. She then asks if “the whore” is with us, gesturing to Alexandros who has just entered looking harried. Jack tells her he follows him around saving his life against his will. She implies she’ll kill Alexandros if Nicholas doesn’t recover. When John asks her why she didn’t just buy the knife at auction, she answers simply “magic”.

Celeste excuses herself to go to the bathroom, whispering in John’s ear as she leaves that he should stop fighting the fact that he is a demon and own it. Once she’s gone, the group discusses their options. John says that what he’s recorded is enough to let Strauss arrest her for Young’s murder and extortion. Jack doesn’t want to get involved with the police. She has made it clear that she’ll go after the people around them, noting that John has the most to lose. On her way back to the table, she talks to Alexandros and gives him a card. Jack tells her that he’ll agree to sell her the knives in return for a future favor (implied to be a killing) and more information but she won’t swear to the deal until he has the knives on him and leaves.

Jamie tells Alexandros to burn the card she gave him but he seems to be forgetting their conversation and the card. John lifts it from his pocket (he notices but doesn’t do anything) and drops it into the “free lunch” bowl, but Jamie fishes it out. Alexandros catches a ride with John and Jack again. On getting back to the Sweet Water, Jack suggests lunch with Elliott Brown and John says he was thinking the same thing.


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