Stressing Strauss

Friday, October 4, 2013

Borrow Moose’s car and go to Abacus’ house and explain the situation with the doll. Abacus wants the knife examined by Pamela and Jack wants to be present when she does, so Jamie and John go to fetch the knife and the medium. While they are gone, Alexandros shows up angry that the police are looking for him. Abacus, enraged that he came to his house, throws him out (physically). John gives Pamela Mordecai’s Journal to read on the ride over and they pass Alexandros leaving on their way to the house. He isn’t the driver of the car, which John later runs the plates for and finds it is registered to a “Tyler Henrickson”, who has a long record of assault arrests.

Abacus takes John aside and tells him that Alexandros has a lot of trouble with the police (mostly due to his attitude) and asks him to use his police connections to help fix the situation. John calls Strauss and asks for his help, saying he’ll arrange for an alibi for Alexandros to take him off the suspect list. He tells Abacus to provide the alibi, since the only reason Alexandros is in this situation is because he had him tailing John. He doesn’t seem pleased, but doesn’t argue, patting John on the shoulder painfully.

Pamela says that there is no spirit in the doll or the knife, but that the latter seems to have some sort of spiritual taint. She goes to the kitchen and prepares an herbal tea which renders Jack unconscious with a weak pulse. Abacus’ glare sends her fleeing from the house and he texts Sands to come. He keeps his fingers on Jack’s wrist, checking his pulse, but seems preoccupied with the ligature marks on his neck. When John suggests he put the knife somewhere for safe-keeping, he seems thankful to have the excuse to leave.

Jamie lets Sands in and explains the situation and the zombie seems highly irritated, referring to Pamela as a witch. He medicates Jack, whose pulse gets stronger and he awakens. Sands asks John to call Abacus, who is nowhere to be found, and the king tells him that the knife is in The Library and he will be home later that afternoon but that they are welcome to stay with Jack. Jack asks Jamie to find him a scarf and John to get him some better books from the library (Abacus gave him Madame Bovary and Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire). John gets him Casebooks of Sherlock Holmes, The Silent Speaker, and Venus in Furs. Once he’s settled, Jamie and John leave him in Sands’ care.

October 5-11, 2013

John gets his car fixed and closes out his office. Alexandros comes over to thank him for getting Abacus to step up for him. Jamie settles in at school and starts to meet people, mostly young members of the Spring Court, several of which live at the Sweet Water. Both of them meet with Wood about his newspaper. Jamie says she’ll cover local gossip and John volunteers for investigative journalism while Wood has research covered. Jack, for his part, spends his time healing but Abacus avoids him for the rest of his stay. He builds a rapport with the Autumn king’s housekeeper Mary Potts, using her to restore his dwindled glamour.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Abacus calls John and tells him he can pick up Jack, who is mostly recovered. He and Jamie arrive and Jack asks them to take him to the cemetery where the victims were re-interred. He confirms that Abigail’s spirit is not present and then they take him to his (formerly John’s) apartment and find it thoroughly tossed. Jamie and Jack go to talk to Young about the doll while John wait for the police. Strauss himself shows up and demands to know what’s going on. John fills him in on the doll (leaving out the details of the haunting) and gives him Young’s name when asked. Strauss says he’ll need to talk to him, so John waits outside until Strauss leaves so he can text Jamie with a warning that he’s coming.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Jack try to convince Young to give up the buyer for the doll, but he refuses to budge but still offers to buy it from them. Jack shows him a picture of the knife and asks him if he’s seen anything like it. To their surprise, he produces a case with another identical knife and a place for another and says he got it from Mordecai Brown‘s estate auction. They warn him that Strauss is coming and leave to go pick up John and yell at him for telling the police about Young. Jack decides to trade the doll for the other knife and John will wait and see who the buyer is when he comes to collect it. Meanwhile, they set Wood on the task of looking for a link between the Grays and the Browns and searching for the buyer of the rest of Mordecai’s journals, which Young said were purchased by a man called (he thinks) Elliott.

The do the trade, even giving Young the key from the hidden compartment, and Jamie and Jack leave to acquire an iron safe from an antique store. It needs repairs and Moose points them to the junkyard. They ask her to help them get the safe into the apartment, but she refuses to allow Jack to stay there, taking him and the safe back to the Sweet Water. John stays outside Young’s until a Lexus pulls up and a ginger man with a concealed gun, black leather gloves, and sunglasses emerges and looks for a tail, missing John. He’s inside only briefly and looks irritated when he comes out with the doll’s box. He calls someone as he pulls away and looks decidedly grim. John has his plate run but his contact ends the call before telling him who it is registered to.

Jack and Jamie pick John up and he tells them everything. After some discussion, they agree to ask Strauss what’s up. He says the car was reported stolen that morning but he has no idea why John’s contact blew him off. He’s unhappy about the description of the driver and says he’ll look into it. The group has dinner at the diner and then goes to join a bunch of Jamie’s new college friends for a Star Wars marathon in Room 9.


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