Story of the Elioud

Friday, December 20, 2013 (continued)

The motley leaves Serena’s and goes to see Pierre LeBlanc. Jack and he talk hats and John is distracted by his fuzzy naked ladies. The Spring King agrees to take Amee to get a look at Alice and see if she can determine what the old lady wants (other than the knives) under the auspice of working out a peaceful solution. Meanwhile, Jamie speaks with Elliott, who says he can’t tell her why she should stay away from Alice. Jack asks instead and Elliott tells him that she would exploit their relationship. Jamie swears to Jack and they go to lunch at the diner.

Jack swears Sorrow to the court after promising not to give Mike a hard time when he comes around. John hangs out with Sorrow and then goes home to have sex with Connie to recharge his batteries. Later that night, they all meet back at the Verdant hollow with Pierre and Amee (an Indian woman in traditional garb). They say that Alice has agreed to stop experimenting on Alexandros but won’t let him go until she gets the knives. Amee was able to discern that they are needed to renew some ritual and that her power was waning because it hadn’t been done. She also says it was very difficult to use her powers on the old lady.

Jack sents Jamie to work on the wards with Serena while he and John meet with Strauss at the diner. They fill him in on everything and discuss theories about Elliott. Strauss goes to call him but he asks to speak with Jack. He answers all of Jack’s questions, confirming Alexandros is being held in the basement of Alice’s house on her orders and agrees to come meet Jack at 11pm or 1am, but that midnight is not possible. He says that the Browns would not fire on clearly identified cops unless Alice was threatened and thinks she could be taken with violence, if it was done gently. John texts Jamie that she has two hours to work out the wards.

Elliott shows up at the diner at 11pm. John asks him if he killed anyone the previous night and he says that, if he did, it was in defense of his friends and family. Elliott puts way too much sugar in his coffee and Jack asks him what he is. He replies that Elliott is not his name, that he was renamed by Alice who pronounced his name wrong when she was young. He says that she inherited him from her parents. He also says that he can choose to ignore a direct question for the first time in centuries. The knives were created when he was summoned and if they were destroyed, he would regain that corrupted piece of his soul. Jack gives him the knives, ordering Jake to restrain him (which he has to). Elliott asks for John’s phone, then breaks the knives, exploding in light and electricity. The phone is on the wikipedia page for “Elioud”.

Meanwhile, Strauss and the cops raid Alice’s home, guided by Jamie and Serena’s work to avoid the wards. She is taken into custody and Alexandros retrieved. Strauss calls Jack and says that when they were carting Alice to an ambulance, that she started yelling in weird Hebrew.


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