Return of Celeste

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 (Christmas Day)

Alexandros and Sands are set up in the spare room and a call goes out for goblin fruit. John gets drunk on egg-nog and drunk-texts a picture of his dick to Connie(?). He is woken by a phone call from Jack at 5pm on the floor of Sorrow’s room in his underwear with a gorgeous drawing of angel wings on his back. He cleans up and goes to the diner, where he is given a picnic basket, a box of coffee, and a note: “Make sure he checks the list”.

When John gets to Jack’s room, he is on the phone with Rebecca, who is in Claire’s room and says she sent him a present. He’ll get it (and see Claire) soon. They rush there without Jamie (who is already at the storage unit) and find Pamela barricaded into a closet and Claire’s room awash with blood. John walks on top of the blood without disturbing it and finds an envelope addressed to Jack behind a Constantine poster. It contains a sheet of paper with a pentagram over a map of Athens with one point marked “church” and the note: “This is mostly finished, you have to destroy all of it to make it stop.” A ghost (one of many present) warn them that police are coming. The ghost meets them at the car, where it possesses Jake and tells them that the wards kept them out but they forced their way in. Rebecca asked Claire how much she knew of their plans and what other seers there were. She told them to fuck themselves. They left with her body.

They go to the storage unit where a gate to the market has been opened using the door of another unit. Jamie is overseeing transactions along with Harvey. The motley agrees that Celeste is definitely in Rebecca and that killing her won’t fix anything. John suggests some sort of indefinite stasis (carbonite) while Jack wonders if her soul could be trapped in one of the soul jars. Traveler and Mike are summoned but aren’t able to make much of the map. John suggests checking abandoned churches. Mike finds a condemned one and John wants to check it out alone. Jack insists Jamie and George be nearby. He and Jake return to the market to look for Dr. Resnik, the creator of the soul jars.

John becomes immaterial and heads to the church. He finds a well-concealed guard with an iron necklace and an iron horseshoe newly affixed above the door of the church. He is still able to enter but it is filled with evil magic. There is a person kneeling where the altar would be, chanting in Latin, with a bowl of blood in front of him. He looks tired. There is something else but he can’t put his finger on it. He is able to get in and out without being spotted. They return to the Sweetwater to wait for Jack. On his return, there is a wrapped present waiting with Claire’s head in it, delivered by private courier.


AutumnBerg EricBerg

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