Murder Most Foul

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stake out the bank where the father works. He arrives late, looking tired. Jack reads from him that he’s afraid of going to sleep and wants someone to declare him insane and commit him, or stop his daughter (but not kill her). Agree that approaching him may be a mistake but Jack and Jake go inside anyway and are told to invite John and Jamie. Beechum tells them that he’s a vegetarian and only just learned that we were real. He says his wife’s twin used to live in their basement before she was murdered, and he sees her twin in his dreams and that she’s “off”. Jack cuts a deal with him to protect his dreams in exchange for access. John exchanges some harsh words with him on the way out. After the meeting, he goes to see the therapist.

That night, John shows up for the meeting with Abacus too early with Chinese food. Abacus forces him to eat off of plates instead of from the cartons, play chess, and listen to math anecdotes. When the others arrive, they are all shown to a bedroom where Sands and two cats are waiting. They slip into Beechum’s dream, where they find a clown-filled carnival and are eventually trapped in a neverending house of mirrors. Beechum is weeping. Jack makes himself look like an authority figure and Nuriya salutes him, then bitterly accuses him of abandoning her. She boots them from the dream. They go back in and Nuriya accuses them of trying to trick her. John is able to find Beechum, who tells them that she is trapped in their hall mirror, under a cloth. She shreds both of them and injuries Jamie, breaking the dream. John wakes screaming. They go to Verdant to recharge and end up hanging out with LaBlanc.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Everyone meets for lunch at the diner due to the late night and Jack says he’s arranged for Beechum to bring the mirror to them on campus. He shows up as arranged and asks Jack if they are going to kill his daughter. When he replies in the affirmative, Jake catches his arm as he goes for a gun in his pocket. John notices a Stepford lad watching and they pack up the painting and leave with Beechum looking defeated. Back at the motel, Nuriya asks for the “brain trust” and Abacus and George are calld. Before they arrive, John and Nuriya trade barbs. George offers to take the mirror to the summer hollow. John writes “the bitch who put you in the mirror is in English class” and a room number on a sign for her and George goes for him. Caleb intervenes and John leaves.

Moose is summoned to move the mirror but, seeing Nuriya in it, breaks it and lets her loose. She lights on fire and stomps around looking for John until George orders her to come with him. Jamie and Jack go along for the interrogation and run into Abacus on the way out. He tells them that Beechum shot himself on campus right after they left and that he wants to go after Cyndi tonight, lest she escalate. They collect John and come up with a plan. Abacus makes some calls and learns that she’s at home and an aunt is staying with her. He doesn’t want to involve Nuriya, citing her instability. The Summer Court sets up a command center in Jack’s room and hollow. Jack, Jamie, John, Jack, and Abacus go to Madeleine Park in two cars and find the street lights out, as planned. The Summer Court is making noise on the street, as a distraction, and they are able to sneak up to the house and enter through the chimney.

The second floor hallway is full of mirrors and they are attacked by mirror images of Jack and Jake. John leads the charge into Cyndi’s bedroom, finding her with a non-Stepford friend from school, but his attempts to disable her are thwarted by the shadows. Jamie stuffs the friend in the closet while Jake grabs Cyndi, and Jack slips in and slits her throat. He then attempts to open a door to the Hedge but only manages to open the door to the closet in his full bloody glory, scaring the hell out of the friend. They go out the window, narrowly avoiding a pissed off Strauss with his gun out as he kicks in the back door calling John’s name. Abacus and John drive back in his car, while the blood-soaked Jake and Jack are taken in Jamie’s.

On their return, the Command Center turns into a party and Jack invites the whole Spring Court over.


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