Disrupting the Ritual

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jack puts Claire’s head in his hollow until the rest of the body is recovered (in a cake box, in the fridge). He fills the others in on what he learned from Dr. Resnik. John tells Mike and Wood that the church is correct and to use that to find the others. He also checks in with Moose to see how Strauss is doing, but she hasn’t seen him. She agrees he sounds funny and will find him. Jack says that they need to hit the church that night and sends John to recruit George, whom he also asks for a police-issue stun gun (he can get it in a few hours).

Mike and Wood are able to identify three of the other four churches and have two contenders for the final one (where a church was demolished and rebuilt nearby). In the center of the pentagram is Alice’s house. They decide to have teams hit all of the churches at once and have George bring in the Summer Court and co-ordinate it. He arrives a few hours later with kevlar for everyone. They swear an oath to disrupt the ritual and load into Mike’s van and go to the first church. George and John take the right, Jack and Jake go left, and Jamie heads straight in to deal with the guard. Jamie plays lost and helpless and is able to lure the guard in close and scratch him with her claws. He freaks out, drops his gun and runs.

John hits one guard with his stun gun through a gap in the wall. Jake bursts in the back door and rushes the other, joined by George, who bursts through the stained glass window. Jack talks to the ritualist, whom he and John both realize is a materialized spirit. John pries at the pentagram etched into the floor with his crowbar. The other guard shoots Jack and tries to back out of the church, but George lays him out with a single punch on Jack’s order. The ghost de-materializes and possesses Jake to kneel before Jack, but steps out when Jack assures him he can hear him anyway. The ghost, Father Joseph, says that Rebecca/Celeste is using their trapped souls to power the ritual. He tried to warn Selena but was captured and forced to take part. He says the ritual diminished him.

John handcuffs the stunned guard and tries to tend to the other, with George stepping in to help when John convinces him they can’t just stand there and watch him die. While they are working on him, John gets a call from a hysterical Wood, telling him that Mike accidentally ran over someone (the guard that ran from Jamie). He gives the phone to Jack, who tells Mike to back over him a few more times to make sure he’s dead. Jack sends the ghost to the next church on the list and says they need to go to Alice’s house to confront Celeste. On the way back to the van, John calls 911 for the two incapacitated guards. He tells Mike to feed his tires and bumper to Frank and get an underbody car wash. Mike breaks his phone and directs him to a box of replacements in the back of his van. He’s surprisingly okay after having run a guy over but Wood is still freaking out.


AutumnBerg EricBerg

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