Coronation of the Ice Queen

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The motley meets up at the hospital where they go over with Strauss the options to get Alice to remove the shackles from Alexandros. John suggests threatening to tell the Greys that the knives are destroyed. Strauss goes to try that and has a Looney Tunes accident on his return, saying that she is being difficult. Jack puts a Fair Fortune on Strauss to counteract the hex, then calls Rebecca Grey and arranges to meet her at the elementary school playground in an hour. The meetup happens at 3am. Rebecca wants the manacles back and a painting from the Brown house. Jack refuses and she leaves without further negotiation. The motley goes home to sleep.

When they wake, it is snowing. John texts Tyler that Alexandros is in the hospital and he replies that he knows. The motley heads to the junkyard so Jack can talk to Frank, who refuses to admit Jamie to his “home” (an open faced shack) and says that Serena has visited him the last two days and he wants her to stop. He swears to Autumn and Jack assures him she’ll stop coming. John gives him his Autumn pin.

As they leave, Jack asks Jake about other Autumn courtiers. He tells him about two bee-keepers outside of town named Lloyd and Graham. They go to Wood, who recalls there being a roster. He says that a band playing at the winter festival contains members of the court: violinist Evelyn La Rose, cellist Hortensia and pianist Jacob McQueen. Jack ponders a title for Wood and Jamie suggests “scribe”. Wood says he wants to test a theory he has about the cross of Sister Mary Fautina (Jamie’s fetch). They confirm that it is, indeed, a cuckoo egg, which will let whomever wears it pass more easy as the nun.

The motley heads to campus, where the festival is starting. There is an ice maze with an ice throne at the center, a table hockey table made of ice, two snow forts for snowball fights, and an ice castle lit from within by candles, which is marked “No Admittance”. At dusk, Jack is fetched by Grumpy McSwordhand to go talk to the monarchs about how things with proceed. Jake follows. The Summer Court starts subtly directing non-changelings elsewhere and cordoning off the area. The trio starts playing classical music and beer is served.

A twitchy rabbit woman begins ushering people into the ice castle. Once everyone is seated, the monarchs process: Jack and Serena (followed by their knights), then George and Lyla with Moose and Pierre behind. The winter crown is made of pine, white roses, ice, and berries. A coronation party follows but Pierre invites folks to the warmer Verdant.

Sunday, December 22 and Monday, December 23, 2013

Jamie checks out the storage unit Abacus left her and finds it filled with magical things. Jack talks to Claire, who hasn’t joined Winter yet. John tries too hard to be seasonal with Connie, who tells him to go away, so he goes skiing with Peter.


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