November 13 – December 19, 2013

The Stepfords riot, killing and eating people, and then disappear. Footage sees them talking to a shadowy figure and then walking through walls. Only infants remain. Strauss is furious with the motley, John in particular. Moose assures them she understands and loves them. John’s relationship with Claire gets more serious, he goes back to freelancing with Jim Bolt, and spends more time with Peter. Jamie continues her lessons with Alice, visits Alexandros, and makes a friend in the Spring Court called Calpernia May. Jack becomes attached at the hip to Abacus, has a gallery opening for Emily, and gets chummy with Pierre LaBlanc.

When the Beechum house comes up for sale, the motley goes to take a look at it. Jack senses something odd still about the mirrors and offers to buy them from the real estate agent, which she readily accepts. They move them to a storage unit purchased by Abacus. Breaking two in circles of salt reveals an angry ghost of John Beechum and his sister Tanya, who appears to be confused and weak. Tanya is taken by Moose to see Claire while Beechum is put in one of Abacus’ bottles.

Abacus reveals that nobody has been able to open new doors to the Hedge in about two weeks, but experimentation reveals that Jamie can. Speculation is that either it is due to her Keeper or Alice has warded the town to prevent Alexandros’ escape or rescue. John calls Elliott who says that ghosts can’t move on because of some sort of barrier. They decide to test if either of this things apply out of town, so they drive to a park near Stockbridge and begin breaking mirrors. All but one of the inhabitants are able to pass on. The oldest, most worn, ghosts are people that Cyndi knew. The more recent ones are strangers. Jack is also able to open a glory hole to the hedge in a rest stop bathroom.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jamie is woken by an odd call from Madame Serena and then discovers that she is covered dried blood.


AutumnBerg EricBerg

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